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The build is great and solid. Works exactly as described.

Spectacular Light Quality

Finally, they seem to have fixed the color temperature of their 4000K bulbs, and they cast a perfect, slightly warm white color. These look great in my bathroom, I couldn't be happier! These used to look closer to 5000K, which was a little too blue for me.

Perfect Lighting

Really beautiful neutral light. High CRI is worth it, and having it spectrally verified is awesome.


Soft Glowing Light for our display cabninet

Beautiful light for our display cabinet. Easy to connect strips to go all the way around the cabinet. Website has excellent documentation to make installation easy.

Wonderful lights for my basement art studio.

I originally bought 5000k lights but after having them for a week realized they were just too cool for my liking. I ordered the 4000k and other give the slightly different light that my eyes like when I paint. Now ordering the additional lights I need in the 4000k.
The customer service people at Waveform are amazing! Helpful, responsive, knowledgeable, respectful, and kind. Five Stars for them! And Five Stars for a great product!

Excellent LED Strip Lights

Did a lot of comparisons between brands, and this was by far the best clarity, especially for the price. There was no hot spots either, it's just a really good product. I'm utilizing these for all my LED lighting in the future.

Great functional product, easy to work with

Great light output--they light up a whole bedroom from a single-wall cove at the ceiling, smooth functioning of power supply on a dimmer switch, and all materials are quality and a pleasure to work with. Only complaint is the power/light is not always stable at a very low setting in between powering off and on (at a very low light output, turn off switch, and then turn on and I have to adjust dimmer up to get any light), but that might be my dimmer. Regardless, I will come back for next project.

Excellent Lighting

I was looking for an LED bulb with high CRI and daylight color temperature that would drop into my existing fluorescent fixtures. They have worked well so far. I did bypass the existing ballasts in the fixtures, so minor electrical wiring experience is a plus if using these in T12 fixtures.

Magnificent, but

This company has great products. They have the best customer service ever. They have a great online library of articles about lighting and how to employ lighting in your home.

But there is one thing that they don't have. And that is any help at all in helping you get the whole system wired up and working. They don't have any techs whom you can talk to. They don't have any diagrams that you can download to help you get the positive wire connected to the right point in the LED strip. They don't have any videos that you can watch to make sure that you connect the power from the 24 volt transformer/rectifier to the right point on the LED strip.

I had to figure all of that out on my own. And I made all of the mistakes that you can make, and it would have taken only one telephone call to somebody on their staff to answer all of these very simple questions. But there is nobody available. There are no videos. There are no wiring diagrams available for download.
It seems simple to me, having run a manufacturing business for over 25 years, that if you want people to buy your products, you would want to make it as simple as possible to know how to use them and hook up all of the wiring.
I am mystified that these people, who seem to make the best products out there and who have the best customer service ever cannot also have some way for us to get our questions answered.
I have made every mistake possible. Where to connect to the LED strip. Which wire is positive and which is neutral. Do I solder or use a connector?

I am in the middle of saying that this is the best product ever and saying that this is the most frustrating project I have ever taken on, and I am not new to electrical wiring.

Impressive Quality Lights

I purchased these lights for use in the kitchen and as picture lights, and they provided a vast improvement over the average LED bulbs that came with the house. Food preparation and enjoyment improved significantly with the wide spectrum of the lights and much higher output in the red region of the visible spectrum. They also improved the look of paintings and photographs on the wall. The dimmer compatibility is also excellent, and there was no noticeable flicker or noise. Highly recommend these bulbs.

Excellent Bulbs

No issues at all with installation. I have T12 fixtures so I bypassed all the ballasts and the bulbs fired up immediately. No more buzzing or flickering. Color is coherent across the bulbs; far from cheap but happy to pay more for quality.

Excellent color rendering, dimming doesn’t flicker but light is cold

I’m extremely sensitive to light and Waveform is one of the only LED brands I can tolerate. Their high CRI bulbs have excellent color rendering and I recommend them. I’m less enthused with their dimming function - while they dim smoothly, they seem to grow colder. Hopefully the technology improves this function with time to better replicate the warm but still color-accurate dimming of a halogen or incandescent bulb. Overall excellent though.

Monofrequency Lighting

These are a great source of monofrequency light and a great substitute for LPS lamps. We had a small issue with the first shipment and Waveform's customer service was exceptional.

Awesome light and confidence in no flicker

So grateful to have the confidence in the no-flicker quality of the light. The quality and warmth of the light is amazing.

Great shop lights

I put these over my lathe and it's so nice to finally have high CRI lights that are safe to use around rotating equipment. 10/10

Just the lighting we needed to transform my son’s room!

We had a friend of ours paint a mural on our son’s wall this summer with UV light paints. He recommended this light to make the wall glow at night! Needless to say we love it so much we are planning to purchase a second one! Love that it isn’t a purple light glow that takes attention away from the glow of the art!

Great light

Used outside for Halloween display. Good range and held up perfect in the rain. Will be buying a 2nd this year.

So far so good

Low flicker, great CRI, and no switch delay. So far they are great bulbs hoping they last and light output stays consistent.

Top Notch Bulbs That DON'T Cause Headaches!

I recently moved into a new house and swapped all bulbs with the a19 4000k temp bulbs. Can't imagine living without them!

Best High CRI LED light quality available

I use these in our bathroom fixtures and they are by far the best LED bulbs I have come across from anywhere. The 3000K version provides a nice clean, bright but not too harsh light. Since they can be used in enclosed fixtures, I plan to also use these in some new fixtures in my finished basement studio. Highly recommended!

Quality Bulb

Looks great in our kitchen pendants. Customer service was quick and helpful with an issue with our dimmer.

Exactly as promised

So - if you are here you are looking for a light that provides much better color than what you get from the $25 from membership mart. Well, it does exactly that and it does it well. I have five lights in my garage, with one currently waveform and it’s immediately noticeable when looking at, well, anything. Colors so much more accurate. My car is Yas marina blue and this light really makes the paint shine. Highly recommend.

A much better bulb

I cannot say the precise reason (better color, no flicker), but these bulbs are clearly better in my home office where I work all day. I have less eye strain, but equally important for me is the emotional impact of lighting. Sterile, bluish, drab light makes a room uninviting and makes colors dull and unattractive. These bulbs change that with beautiful light. I cannot say I have tried other high CRI bulbs, but these are certainly fantastic and worth the cost for me.

Great quality, accurate color, and bright

In this photo on the left is a fluorescent Philips Daylight High color rendering lamp rated at CRI 90. On the right is the Waveform tube. Both are 5000K. The Philips is a great light but you can see on the ceiling reflection that it is slightly greener and not as bright as the Waveform. The Philips would be great for any average garage but I'm using my garage as an art studio so I really prefer the Waveform. The packaging was solid and it arrived ahead of schedule.

Also, I did some digging on the Waveform website and found that all the 5000K tube lights are the same. Centric, Northlux, and D50. They are the exact same bulb, just marketed differently.

Stellar Kitchen Lighting

I purchased these to replace some old fluorescent tubes in my kitchen overhead lighting, and these new LEDs make an incredible difference! Colors are genuinely more vibrant and it brings new life into my old kitchen. Just one issue is that I had to do a ballast bypass to get them working, as they didn't light up after the first install. Not a huge deal, just opt open the fixtures, take out the ballast boxes and directly connect the wires to the ceiling source. Overall, well worth the effort!