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Perfect for a bird room

I have several of these on plug in timers for my parrots; each comes on and goes off 10-15 min apart. They know when there’s only one left on it’s time to go to bed and put themselves to bed. They love these lights and so do I. I have looked for years for an E26 5000k 95 CRI lightbulb.

Great wire

The wire is excellent quality and does not fall apart when stripping the ends. Sometimes that happens when working with stranded wire, but not with this product. This was used to connect CENTRIC strip lights to the corresponding power supply. No issues at all getting it to work and the final product looks great!

Reliable product and fast shipping

We appreciate the fast shipping of this product. The product is reliable and will continue to repurchase for future use.

Great product

The power supply was simple to install along with the CENTRIC LED strip lights. The light's range from super bright to very dim is perfect and there was no flickering. As long as you are comfortable with the minor electrical work needed for installation, this is so much better than other off the shelf LED light products.

Art studio prefect lights

I needed lights for my studio. I have lots of northern windows but at evening, early morning or night I needed light. The lights are great. At first the light was too bright I thought but as I became adjust to them just prefect. Super pleased to have these.

Super helpful!

We ordered these to help install LED strip lights in my retail shop. They were instrumental in making the installation process easy. I'd suggest maybe including 3/4 inch screws in addition to 1 inch screws going forward, but all in all a good product.

Great Product

Our client loved it so much we bought 60' more!

Great products

This is my first purchase from Waveform but so far I like what I see (in addition to the cables I purchased lighting strip, DC power supply, and several light bulbs). These cables are simple but effective. The wires and the connectors are good quality and the cable assembly is properly put together. While I've only been using them for a couple of weeks I fully expect they will work without any problem for many years.

We absolutely love these bulbs

I have tried nearly every LED bulb. These are our favorites, but far.

Great lamps

Very good in color accuracy for color critical processes

CRI and Art

Wow, what a difference in color rendition with the 6500K. All colors, even red, are accurate to the eye. Why didn't I see how poor my previous photos of my art were? I need five more to complete the gallery.

Very Happy

I was looking for bulbs for the kitchen that was bright and did not distort colors. These 5000k BR30 bulbs provide the type of light I've been looking for. I can see true colors when decorating cakes and pastries.

Company doesn’t allow negative reviews

I wrote a long description about these bulbs and it was never posted so here is a shorter version. Basically these bulbs are the same as the Philips and Cree bulbs, even manufactured in the same plant. Same base, same font size, font placement and same font color. They also suffer from the same issues where in an open bulb fixture some bulbs appear cooler in appearance depending on how the bulb is screwed in and it’s impossible to achieve a uniform look because of this.

Since my original review wasn’t posted I sent a screen shot along with a longer description to the BBB. At the end of the day Waveform hasn’t reinvented anything but is charging substantially more for someone else’s product.

Good bulb!!

Good to see all of God's colors. Thanks!!!

4000k fixture

Working perfectly for close to 2 years.
Coming back for more

Same as name brand others…

I had high hopes for these after trying similar bulbs from Philips, Cree, Sylvania, Feit, Ecosmart…they all have issues.

The Waveform bulbs share the same font and base as the Philips counterpart and side by side they have the same issue. Let’s say you have a fixture with 6 bulbs in a row, depending on how these screw in you’ll either have a bright white LED or a warmer led aimed at you making it difficult to get a unified look. In the photo below the 3rd bulb in from the left has a white cooler kelvin appearance until you move to the other side of the room, then others have that appearance.

Listen, these waveform candelabra bulbs are made in China, share the same glue and base with Philips and share the same font placement, color and font as Philips.

For just a moment I thought this could be something different but in the end it’s a rebranded Philips or Cree LED bulb. Save the coin and purchase one of those instead, and yes they have the same color index rating and kelvin as Waveform. Same problems too.

Waveform really? 3x the price of Cree or Philips yet it’s the same bulb? If you’d like I can go into more detail about the plant where these are manufactured, but you already know.

Flicker Free

It’s a lovely bulb, and if you want a VERY warm tone of light, it’s the one for you.

Fantastic bulbs but warranty may not be honored

I love the light from these bulbs and highly recommend them. They work great with a dimmer and are much better than the bulbs installed by our builder. However, of the eight bulbs I purchased one failed within the warranty period. After initially responding to my inquiry about getting a replacement, it seems I was ghosted and never heard again from the company. I had to just purchase another bulb from the store.

SimpleColor™ Amber LED Strip Lights
Mister Me Love Lightning
Successful Companies Thrive When……..,

….Their Peoples Are The FlyWheel Behind Unprecedented Innovative Products!

You Guys Have Nailed It. I Can’t Explain Y’all What This Means Both To Me And My Enterprise.


Exactly what we hoped for!

These lights are great in my retail space. They're bright without being abrasive. One of my employees has said he has had a significant reduction in headaches and eye strain since their installation. I can't wait to order some additional strip lighting!

Plenty bright, flicker free, good color

I put 3 of these in my 2-story open staircase chandelier and they are plenty bright, flicker free, and good color. I had previously tried Philips 75w equivalent LED bulbs (not the better Ultra Definition model, my mistake) and they had poor color, making my skin look pale and lifeless, the Waveform bulbs performed much better. I would love a 75w equivalent with 1100 lumens, as 1600 lumens is more brightness than I need!

Performs Flawlessly

This power supply provides flicker-free power to my 16 foot Centric LED Strip Lights. I use this for accurate color rendering photos/videos for social media, website and internal promotions so it's essential to have a reliable power source. I love that it gives me immediate full power. I initially ordered the incorrect voltage and notified customer service. They immediately issued me a no-cost return authorization and shipping label and sent the correct power supply right out. Could not be more pleased with their service and their product. The color is spot on!

Is this waterproof

Wanting to put this in my steam sauna will it hold up?

Great multi channel dimmer

We are using this to control display case lighting where we need different light intensities for different objects. We've designed display "shadow" boxes that have LED strips recessed into the top, one towards the rear and another towards the front. We also have small light tables built using LED strips that fit in the bottom. Using this controller, we can independently change the light intensity for each element, allowing us to create backlight, front light, and bottom light to best highlight product features, particularly those with translucency. Basically, this controller does the work of up to five independent dimmers using a single power source. We've not yet used the DMX features and are programming it manually.

LED tube light fixture

Much better quality light than what is available at the box stores. No flicker.