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Best light bulbs for minimizing my migraines

I get debilitating migraines triggered by flickering lights, and Waveform’s flicker-free light bulbs are by far the best I’ve come across in terms of managing that trigger. They don’t flicker, and if they start to (which has happened maybe three times for the dozens of bulbs I own), Waveform’s customer service team is quick to replace them. They’re certainly more expensive than regular light bulbs, but the price is well worth it for me. My only qualm is that they don’t make these bulbs in every possible form factor so that I can replace all of the lights I encounter with them. But they’ve released more form factors since I started buying these bulbs, so I’m hopeful that more will come out in the future!

Decent Bulbs, But A Bit Expensive

The lightbulbs came in good condition, undamaged.. which is good! However the shipping speed is a bit slow for free shipping. On top of that it was a bit disappointing since Waveform Lighting is local to me (Portland/Vancouver metro area) and have HQ office and even a couple warehouses nearby.. but unfortunately you can not buy directly and you can not pick up orders locally.. So I had to wait for slow shipping from a warehouse from a different state.. weird and inconvenient.

As far as the quality of the light.. seems pretty good. But I'll admit it's a bit hard to tell without measurement equipment. To my naked eye the bulbs I got seem to have a slight pink/purple tint (ever so slight). It's almost unnoticeable on its own.. but in comparison to other bulbs becomes apparent. I also have some Philips Ultra Definition bulbs which are also 95 CRI. The Philips bulbs seem very neutral on their own. But when comparing the Philips lights almost look slightly greenish.. ever so subtly.. in contrast against the Waveform Lighting bulbs. And that's when the pinkish/purplish tint of the Waveform lights becomes a bit more apparent. So both bulbs brands seem neutral on their own.. but Philips does a little better. When comparing between the two it becomes apparent both are slightly off in different directions. Neither is perfectly in the middle neutral.. though the Philips is closer. AGAIN, this is all by eye.. no measurement equipment, so take it with a grain of salt.

Now onto price... Price is a bit high.. especially considering the Philips Ultra Definition bulbs are about a third of the price. Philips, ofcourse, does not provide any measurement data so you take them at their word.. but I've seen them measured on youtube and they stack up really well.

Lastly, I wish the Waveform Lighting bulbs came with more information/documentation and measurement data with the light bulbs themselves instead of the super basic (like generic chinese products) packaging.

Overall satisfactory

I've had these bulbs for several months now. Was debating on the K temp of the bulb for a long time before I purchased, but ended up going with 3000k. I think that color temp is perfect for my home office and bedrooms. I replaced LED bulbs that were purchased from hardware stores. HUGE different in lighting quality. Nice, floody, even light. Also these bulbs passed my cellphone video flicker test. I also feel that my eyes were not as fatigued after a few hours of being in the home office in the evenings. They are not as efficient as traditional LED bulbs, but who cares. Close enough for me. They still use way less than incandescent bulbs. I would definitely buy again. I plan to buy some BR30's next.

The best BR30s yet

I wanted to find some halogen replacement bulbs with a wide beam angle; unfortunately color accurate BR30s, in a warm color temperature, are few and far between. I've used waveform lighting in the past and been happy, but these are the best yet. Would definitely use these again, especially if I could get 2700K temp versions. The CRI 95 makes a huge difference - I don't buy anything else now when I need BR30s.

Amazing Product

Very great light quality. Stands out from every LED Light tube i ever used. Colors are looking much better with this tube. love it

Parrot lighting

This is my 3-rd purchase of bulbs for parrot lighting.
I am 100% satisfied with the products and customer service.

Perfect for artist studio

I bought these for my artist wife’s studio to replace off the shelf 5000k bulbs after quite a bit of research into upgraded light for her space. What a difference! I recently borrowed some of her clamp lights for detailing my cars in the garage and I noticed a considerable improvement out there too. I take credit for finding you guys! ;-)

Plug and Paint ! 5 stars!

Perfect lighting fixture for my artist’s nook! Easy installation using the magnets (no tools required). Prior to this purchase my painting time was restricted by the available natural light in my studio. With the NorthLux™ 95 CRI T5 LED Linear Light Fixture I now can paint anytime, day or night ! I love this fixture and it was a great choice for me over an easel mounted light.


I ordered these for a self-made light table as part of a setup to digitize transparencies and negatives. As a photographer I wanted to have the best color rendition possible and I was not disappointed. Color and brightness are really excellent. I had ordered the 6500K type and measured around 6200K with the camera after the light had passed two(!) layers of diffusing acrylics. This drop in color temperature is to be expected. To give you an idea on the brightness in photographic terms (after passing 2 layers of acrylics): At ISO 320 and f:13 you will have 1/800s for a medium grey exposure.
I could not find anything wrong with the Wago connectors. The modules arrived in ESD-safe bags. Yes, the 5 modules are still connected and you receive a panel of 10x28cm which was just fine for my purpose. Two of these pretty much cover an 8x10" sheet film. Admittedly, I did not order a Waveform lighting power supply but attached the modules to one with constant voltage at 24V with 150W. This worked just fine without any problems.
These LED's are an excellent alternative to strobes to produce daylight. And this not only for a light table but also for table top or studio work.


Very nice lighting, sticks good. My only gripes are the extra cost of the power supply and the fact that these LEDs do get fairly hot. I’m going to need to order the flicker free dimmer to lower the heat output.

Angled Corner Channel

Installed Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK
Looks GREAT. Installation under cabinets was straight forward.
Would very much recommend.

Strange can not add photo from a Mac

Great lighting for my studio

I have played around with different bulbs to light my easel and am very happy to have found this A19 bulb. It provides a very clean, steady light in the noon-time lighting range that I need. It stays very cool to touch in my clamp lamp. I need a broader width of light so am ordering a second one.

Great service

Shipped quickly. Great packaging. Very responsive customer service for any questions and support.

Nicer than expected

These lights are very high quality and really impressed me. Genuine 365nm LED strip lights are hard to find and these were the absolute perfect addition to my display.

NorthLux™ 95 CRI LED Shop Light Fixture × 1

Very pleased with both the brightness and the color rendering of these shop lights. Easy to install.

Great for bathrooms

Nice and bright, wonderful CRI!

great find!

We appreciate the lighting quality and flicker-free options!

Best Bulbs!!

Could not be happier with these. I really don’t like LEDs and wasn’t happy to switch but these are warm and easy on the eyes. I’m upgrading my entire loft!!

Amazing lights

4000k is amazing for indoor use, everything is much more clear and easy to see, and I can use the lights during the day without a very yellow color compared to sunlight! I have these for my whole house.

Great channel for running lights

I've been using these in my new house construction for running kick lighting and up lighting on cabinets, and they work great. Definitely recommend, especially for the price.

Brightened up my office

The new bulb really brightened up my office.

Excelent quality. Easy to use

The light quality of these LEDs is amazing. Creating custom panels was very easy and so far the results are beautiful and reliable.

Fantastic Undercabinet Lights

I installed these strip lights under my cabinets and they worked great, light is bright, but not harsh. I plan to use them again!

Beautiful LED Light

As a filmmaker, I am around high-end LED lights all the time. I was continually frustrated with the low quality standards for lights in the home. Being used to CRI of 97+ on film sets really makes it hard to look at a room illuminated by Amazon basic bulbs that are barely pushing 90 CRI. All this to say, I love Waveform Lights, they are pricey, yes, but for me, they are worth it.

Even better than expected! | Please release a dimmable version next.

I bought two of these bulbs to try out in my existing fluorescent fixture and ten decided to switch out the rest for these. The 4000K color temperature and high CRI provide a notable and significant improvement to the workspace. These provide a useful and easy upgrade for any existing compatible fixtures. I liked them enough that I also purchased three of Waveform lightings 4ft T8 ready ceiling fixtures to add additional light. I hope that Waveform considers releasing a dimmable and even warmer (3000 or 2700) version. Would also love to see some 2ft versions for some existing fixtures I have at home that I would love to switch over to a high CRI option.