Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK
Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK
Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK
Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK
Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK
Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK
Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK

Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK

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  • Aluminum channels provide a rigid mounting surface, light diffusion and mechanical & dust ingress protection for Waveform Lighting LED flex strips.
  • Fits all single-color LED flex strips manufactured by Waveform Lighting (10 mm width)
  • Channel length of 3.3 ft (1 meter)
  • Includes high light transmission diffuser cover to eliminate "dots" and dark spots created by individual LED emitters
  • High quality aluminum provides additional heatsinking and mechanical protection for even longer LED strip longevity
  • Additional mounting accessories included
  • Available as a FLAT or CORNER channel
  • Solderless connectors (PN 3071/3070) do NOT fit inside the channel. For a seamless installation, we recommend directly soldering wires.
  • Pack of 5 (total 16.5 ft / 5 meters)

Use the CORNER CHANNEL for LED strip installations in wall corners or where a diagonal light distribution is desired. The FLAT CHANNEL offers the lowest profile and can be used for ceiling-mount and suspended installations or under cabinet lighting.


Installation Accessories

Each 5-Pack includes:

  • 5x aluminum channels, 3.3 ft each
  • 5x end caps (with hole for wires)
  • 5x end caps (no hole)
  • 10x mounting brackets
  • 10x screws



Compatible With

Please note: solderless connectors (PN 3071/3070) do NOT fit inside the channel. For a seamless installation, we recommend directly soldering wires.


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Coree Ogden
PERFECT Channels

We use these all the time and keep some on hand. Perfect.

Works well, good price

These were priced well and they do exactly what you want, hold your strip lighting to a frame and diffuse the light. I would recommend these. We bought the channels that held the lights at a 45 degree angle for the sides of a ceiling cove. Easy to cut and use. The mounting brackets didn't really work for our use since the curved ceiling didn't allow room to get a screwdriver in there but not a deal breaker. We overlapped the seams between each length with the diffusers to add some rigidity. I would buy these again.

Dan Wagener
Works well, looks great

Prompt shipping. I used the 24v Centric Home LED strip with the TRIAC dimmable power supply for under-shelf lighting on floating shelves. We routed a slot in the bottom of the shelves wide and deep enough for the aluminum channel, then drilled a hole from the back of the shelf into the slot for the wiring. The light looks great and they dim well with a Lutron LED dimmer. In the past I've stuck light strips to the bottom of cabinets without the aluminum track and they eventually came loose and sagged. Channel solves that problem and the diffuser blends the light from the individual LEDs well.

I had trouble soldering wire to cut sections of the strips, but that's probably because I have had little time behind a soldering iron. The strip connectors would have been a better choice, but apparently they don't fit inside the aluminum track.

Good quality channels

I am using these in two projects, once is pretty straight foward under cabinet lighting, the other is a custom-made lighted mirror that I routed out a channel in a wood frame and placed these in for the strip lights on each side. They worked quite well for both applications, very well made.

Be careful cutting the diffuser -- it tends to chip easily. I ended up cutting it close to the desired length, then using a sanding disc on my table saw to get it to the final exact length with a clean edge. The aluminum part cuts well with a standard miter saw.

Jim DAlessio
UV Lights Lights

I purchased 4 x 395 nm strip lights, power pack, and dimmer for my home theater

The setup was a breeze although snapping the cover over the track was sometimes difficult if the strip itself was not centered in the track. Repositioning solved it

Unlike some reviews I have seen, the dimmer worked at all levels, even just above off

My only suggestion is higher power version so more than 4 strips can be run on a single circuit

scott r
Channels work

I cut to length, removed the diffuser cover, drilled and countersunk holes, screwed the channels to the bottom of the cupboards through a couple of washers, soldered the low volts wiring, stuck the strips into the channel, replaced the covers and basked in the praise from my wife. I am a multi faceted craftsman of the retired guild. This is my first go round with the channels for under cupboard lights. Easy to work with. Do not forget to remove the scratch guard film from the plastic diffuser surface.

A Wong
Super easy install and mount

I used these to mount the centric home LED strips above the picture rail in our parlor. We have lathe/plaster walls and odd angles because it's an old house. The aluminum channels were super easy to cut and work with allowing for clean mitered edges. Also, the mounting brackets that allowed for easy removal of the channel segments allowed for us to install the channels really close to the top of the picture rail. This gave a visually cleaner look. To actually attach the brackets, we used 1/2" 3m VHB LSE mounting tape. This allowed us to avoid drilling through lathe and plaster.

Paul P
Good inexpensive, low profile option

Nice channel for when you don't want it sticking out very far.

One word of warning: I installed directly to wood using double sided tape (and FWIW, third party LED strip @ 3.1 W/ft power consumption) and the channel gets hot enough to be painful to touch. So using the provided mounting clips (which provide an air gap behind the channel) is probably a good idea if your situation supports it.

Very nice and strong channels

These channels are really nice: precisely milled, great fit of the diffuser, and strong enough to be self supporting for 2' easily. I'm using the flat ones to light the interior of kitchen drawers and they easily span the width if attached only at the ends.

Diane Townsend
Sleek & Simple Channel

The aluminum channel is just what I was looking for to complete the installation. Excellent quality and customer service.