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realUV™ LED Flood Light

realUV™ LED Flood Light

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  • LED flood light with UV-A (365 nm or 395 nm) light emission
  • This is the real deal! This is not a nUV (405 nm), violet (420 nm) or purple (red+blue) LED light that is often falsely marketed as "ultraviolet."
  • 365 and 395 nm true UV LEDs provide high levels of UV power for all of your UV-A and blacklighting needs.
  • Power Consumption: 20W
  • IP65 rating for wet location use
  • 365 nm version UV energy output: 8W (40% efficiency)
  • 395 nm version UV energy output: 6W (30% efficiency)
  • Input: 120-240V AC
  • Plugs directly into standard 3-prong AC wall outlets

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Product Description

realUV™ LED Flood Lights emit true ultraviolet-A light. Both 365 nm and 395 nm wavelength options are available. By purchasing quality UV lights with exact wavelength specifications, you can be assured you are getting true ultraviolet light.

Product Specifications

Wavelength: 365 nm or 395 nm
UV Output:
6 watts (395 nm) / 8 watts (365 nm)
Voltage: AC 120-240V
Power: watts per foot
Installation: 3-prong US-style plug


This product plugs directly into standard 3-prong wall outlets and does not require any additional accessories to operate. A mounting bracket is included for permanent installation.

The lamp is not dimmable and does not include an on/off switch (third party inline switches can be used if needed).

Pricing & Ordering Information

This product is available in 365 nm and 395 nm wavelength options.

PN 7022.65: 365 nm
PN 7022.95: 395 nm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
josep pujol

your product is excelent for our textile verify aplication

good product

best product , and best service ever so professional !!!

Good for identifying zombies mutated by the vaccines

I put one of these at my front door so when people who have been injFected by the vaccines show up, I can see their faces glowing orange without having to use my flashlight. I know at that point not to open the door so I don't get infected by them.

Real UV!

I purchased this to "charge" glow in the dark Frisbee's (disc golf) and it will INSTANTLY charge a disc. Heed the warnings about visible light, I have 365nm strips and the 395nm floodlight is only slightly more visible.

Jeff Parisse
Great UV floodlight!

This unit is as bright or brighter than two 40W, 4’ long florescent UV tubes. The wavelength is as advertised and lights up UV pigments formulated for longer wavelengths. I am very happy with this purchase.

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