NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio
NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio
NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio
NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio
NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio
NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio

NorthLux™ 95 CRI T8 LED Tube for Art & Studio

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  • T8 LED tube light, directly replaces F32T8 4-ft fluorescent lamps
  • TriplePlay™ compatibility technology automatically detects your fixture type. Works with existing T8 fixtures and ballasts (no rewiring of fixture) or ballast bypass (rewiring) - your choice.
  • Ultra-high 95 CRI, R9 > 90; available in 5000K or 6500K to match north-facing natural daylight
  • 1800 lumens output using 18W power consumption
  • ETL listed for safety, 3-year warranty
  • Product Overview

    When working on graphic arts, consistent lighting conditions are extremely important for accurate color perception.

    NorthLux™ products by Waveform Lighting replicate the consistency and quality of light coming in through a north-facing window. With a 95 CRI rating, colors and hues will appear just as they do under natural daylight, giving you the confidence to work on your projects during evening hours or where supplemental lighting is necessary.

    NorthLux™ T8 LED tube lights conveniently work in virtually all 4-ft fluorescent lamp fixtures, making installation quick and easy. The lamps' built-in TriplePlay™ technology automatically detects and adjusts to the fixture's wiring configuration, so you don't have to worry about electrical compatibility.


  • Product Specifications

    Specifications Overview
    Color 5000K or 6500K
    CRI 95+
    Brightness 1800 lumens per lamp
    Length 4 ft (1.2 m)
    Power 18 Watts
    Connection Style G13 Medium Bi-Pin
    Specification sheet download   Specification Sheet 
    Specification sheet download   5000K Photometric Report
    Specification sheet download   6500K Photometric Report
    Specification sheet download   IES Report
    Specification sheet download  Tested Ballast List
    Specification sheet download   User Manual


  • Fixture Compatibility

    The NorthLux™ T8 LED tube is designed to directly replace 4-ft T8 fluorescent lamps (F32T8), and can be directly installed into an existing 4-ft fluorescent fixture regardless of its configuration. ReadyWire™ technology ensures that the LED lamp will work with your fixture, with or without the fluorescent ballast, and whether or not it is single or double-ended.

    The best way to determine if these lamps will fit and operate in your current fixture is to confirm the specifications of the fluorescent lamp that is currently installed in your fixture.

    First, determine the length of the fluorescent lamp that is currently installed. If it is 4-ft (48") in length and has a 1 inch diameter, you have a T8 4-ft fluorescent lamp, which means that our lamp is compatible. You can also look for a model number or designator on the fluorescent tube: if the code F32T8 is printed on the lamp, this is most likely a compatible fluorescent tube specification.

    For most customers, we recommend simply swapping out the fluorescent lamp with our T8 LED tube, as this approach provides the easiest method. For further information and instructions on rewiring for ballast bypass, please refer to our install guide / user manual.

    Note on Ballast Compatibility: Our T8 lamps are designed to work with almost all T8 fluorescent ballasts. Please see here for a list of ballasts with which we have tested and confirmed compatibility. The T8 LED lamps can also be used without a ballast.

    We recommend removing or bypassing T12 fluorescent ballasts for compatibility reasons.


  • Pricing & Ordering Information

    This product is available in packs of 4 lamps or 24 lamps. Please see below for part numbers and corresponding specifications.

    Part Number Specification
    PN 4024.40.4P 4000K / 4-Pack
    PN 4024.40.24P 4000K / 24-Pack
    PN 4024.50.4P 5000K / 4-Pack
    PN 4024.50.24P 5000K / 24-Pack
    PN 4024.65.4P 6500K / 4-Pack
    PN 4024.65.24P 6500K / 24-Pack


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    If you're not 100% satisfied with the performance, color or quality of your product, we'll work with you to make it right.

    Simply contact us within 30 calendar days after delivery and we'll pay for return shipping (USA only) and offer you a full refund.

    See our delivery policy, returns & refunds policy and warranty policy.

Perfect & Consistent Lighting


Our NorthLux™ products feature 95 CRI and a full daylight spectrum, making their light output virtually indistinguishable from natural daylight.


Perfect & Consistent Lighting


Our NorthLux™ products feature 95 CRI and a full daylight spectrum, making their light output virtually indistinguishable from natural daylight.

Easy & Versatile Installation


Our T8 LED tube lights feature ReadyWire™ technology. The lamp automatically detects the fixture's electrical connectivity, regardless of ballast and tombstone configuration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
David Wheeler
Good Morning LED!

The T8 tube took about 10 minutes to eliminate the ballast and bathed the room In color corrected light, the birds song was a little sweeter and the coffee never tasted quite as good as it does now. And for the value and the delay in shipping all that is a good thing.



Susan C
Art Studio

Great lights for art studio! I use these with the 4000K, mix and match

Great Lighting!

These are the best lights, might seem pricey, but well worth the money. We had ordered 24 originally, now we're going to get 24 more!

Robert Weiss
great studio lighting

I could see, from the very first moment I switched on these lights, the difference between them and the other so-called color correct bulbs I'd been using in my studio. Waveform lights are the best lights I've ever used in my studio. Thanks for developing this great tech.

Wally R.
Best There Is.

I only will use waveform lighting products in my art studio. No exceptions the representation of color from their lights is unmatched!

clive smith
great studio lights

I have installed these in my new painting studio, fill the room with great North feeling light, great to work under.

D Baker
Excellent! Bright :-)

I bought these to replace some other daylight balanced fluorescent bulbs in my painting studio. I am more than pleased. I thought I was just buying replacement, but these are so much better: the light is significantly brighter (I still have one bank of the old ones going) and the color is a massive improvement (CRI 95 is amazing!). I will definitely order more and replace the other bank right away!

Kathleen Murphy
Perfect tattoo studio lighting

I am loving these lights! I ordered the Northlux T8 tubes for my tattoo studio and provides tremendous colour clarity while working.
Will order again!

Natalie Wilson
Totally Worth It

CRI 95 is no joke and the focus on good R9 accuracy makes a noticeable difference in our printmaking, painting, and textile arts. Now it’s possible to keep up quality when working after sundown.