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ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Linear Module - 99 CRI - 1 ft / 280 mm MCPCB

ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Linear Module - 99 CRI - 1 ft / 280 mm MCPCB

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  • 99 CRI to truly replicate natural daylight - an industry first
  • Available in D50 (5000K) and D65 (6500K)
  • 24V DC constant voltage input
  • 800 lumens @ 24V DC
  • 350 mA current draw @ 24V DC
  • 8.4 W power draw @ 24V DC
  • D50 color point / chromaticity meets ISO 3664:2009 requirements
  • Aluminum-core PCB for excellent thermal dissipation and long-term reliability
  • Versatile linear form factor measures 11 inches x 0.78 inches (280 mm x 20 mm)
  • 3.3 mm diameter mounting holes - compatible with standard M3 screws
  • WAGO 2060 connectors (datasheet) on both ends for plug-and-play connectivity (18 - 24 AWG) and daisy chain capability of up to 10 modules
  • High-reflectance pure white soldermask for improved system efficacy
  • FREE ground shipping to USA addresses
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ABSOLUTE SERIES LED Linear Module features 99 CRI - a near perfect achievement in color rendering. With color options of D50 (5000K) and D65 (6500K), simulating natural daylight has never been as real.

Requires 24V DC input to operate. FilmGrade power supply (PN 3092) can operate up to 14 linear modules.

Using a third-party power supply? No problem - just make sure your power supply has enough power capacity for the length of LED strip you plan on connecting.

ABSOLLUTE™ LED Linear Modules use the WAGO system, and have WAGO 2060 terminal blocks on both ends of each module. All electrical connections to power and between modules is achieved through these terminal blocks. Terminal blocks require insertion of electrical wire between 18-24 AWG, with 0.28-0.35 inches of insulation stripped off.

For gapless, linear daisy-chaining, use WAGO board-to-board links (PN WAGO 2060-901). For all other connections, use 18 AWG or thinner wire (PN 7098).

If using a PLUG based power supply such as the FilmGrade (PN 3092) power supply, use a DC female to wire adapter  (PN 7092) or DC female adapter (PN 7094).

Detailed instructions on assembly are available here.


ABSOLUTE LED strips are fully dimmable down to 0%. For an in-line PWM dimmer, see PN 3081. Wall-dimmer setups (e.g. Lutron/Leviton) will require a dimmable power supply (PN 3094). More info on LED strip dimming here.

Product Overview

Waveform Lighting's ABSOLUTE SERIES™ technology is the LED industry's first LED product to achieve 99 CRI at D50 5000K and D65 6500K. The 99 CRI rating indicates that the emitted light is quantitatively near-identical to natural daylight. This is the holy grail of lighting!

Our linear module provides 800 lumens of full-spectrum 99 CRI light that is virtually indistinguishable from natural daylight.






The LED Linear Modules can be dimmed using a PWM dimmer. Our tests using the FilmGrade Flicker Free PWM Dimmer (25 kHz) indicate that between 3% and 100%, spectral characteristics remain extremely stable. Specifically, 99 CRI is maintained, and chromaticity shift is within 1-step (MacAdam ellipse) or ΔE = 0.78. Our raw photometric measurement data in CSV format is available for download here.

Product Downloads

Specification sheet download   Specification Sheet 

Specification sheet download   5000K Photometric Report

Specification sheet download   6500K Photometric Report


Waveform Lighting 100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the performance, color or quality of your product, we'll work with you to make it right.

Simply contact us within 30 calendar days after delivery and we'll send a replacement at no additional charge, or offer you a full refund.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

I ordered these for a self-made light table as part of a setup to digitize transparencies and negatives. As a photographer I wanted to have the best color rendition possible and I was not disappointed. Color and brightness are really excellent. I had ordered the 6500K type and measured around 6200K with the camera after the light had passed two(!) layers of diffusing acrylics. This drop in color temperature is to be expected. To give you an idea on the brightness in photographic terms (after passing 2 layers of acrylics): At ISO 320 and f:13 you will have 1/800s for a medium grey exposure.
I could not find anything wrong with the Wago connectors. The modules arrived in ESD-safe bags. Yes, the 5 modules are still connected and you receive a panel of 10x28cm which was just fine for my purpose. Two of these pretty much cover an 8x10" sheet film. Admittedly, I did not order a Waveform lighting power supply but attached the modules to one with constant voltage at 24V with 150W. This worked just fine without any problems.
These LED's are an excellent alternative to strobes to produce daylight. And this not only for a light table but also for table top or studio work.


My third purchase. The LEDs are weaker after a year, I was expecting it to be consistent for a longer time.

Great Lighting

My second purchase, great stuff.

Superb lights for painting

I've been using the Absolute Series lights for portrait painting for a few months now and the colour rendering is outstanding. All the subtleties in the local colouring, including in the skin tones, are rendered superbly. Until recently I painted only by natural light because I always found electric light too much of a compromise, but these LEDs produce a light that is almost indistinguishable from daylight.

H Mathews
Awesome lights and very quick delivery

very good lights. Exactly what we wanted. Ordered and got them within a few days.