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realUV™ LED Strip Lights

realUV™ LED Strip Lights

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  • Flexible LED strip light with ultraviolet LED emitters
  • 365 and 395 nm true UV LEDs provide high levels of UV power for all of your UV lighting needs.
  • Assembled and sold as a 3.2-ft (1 meter) or 16-ft reel (5 meters)
  • Requires DC 12V power to operate; power supplies sold separately

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Product Description

Waveform Lighting's realUV™ LED strip lights emit high levels of true UV-A light in a versatile and flexible DC 12V LED strip light form factor. This is not a nUV (405 nm), violet (420 nm) or purple (red+blue) LED strip that is often falsely marketed as "ultraviolet" - these LEDs emit at 365 nm / 395 nm, which are true UV wavelengths. (Learn more about the difference between the 365 nm and 395 nm wavelengths here).

realUV™ LED strip lights can be used in a variety of UV-A and blacklight applications, ranging from fluorescent artwork & photography, industrial and scientific uses for UV curing, and screen emulsion exposure.

Product Specifications

Wavelength: 365 nm or 395 nm
UV Output:
0.7 watts (365 nm) or 0.9 watts (395 nm) per foot
Voltage: DC 12V
Power: 4.5 watts per foot
Installation: Female DC Connector (Both Ends)


This LED strip product requires a DC 12V power source to operate. For most applications, a plug-in power supply is the easiest and quickest way to get powered up. OurrealUV™ power supplyplugs directly into the LED strip without the need for assembly, and can power up to 16.4 ft of realUV™ LED strip.

Daisy-chain multiple LED stripstogether (up to 16 ft / 5 m) usingPN 7096.

For more complex applications that require dynamic controls, the realUV™ LED strip can be dimmed via a traditional wall-dimmer (e.g. Lutron/Leviton) or an inline dimmer (e.g. PWM FilmGrade dimmer). Use a dimmable power supply (PN3093/3096) when connecting to a traditional wall-dimmer system and a standard power supply (PN3091/3092) when using an inline dimmer.

Pricing & Ordering Information

This product is available in 365 nm and 395 nm wavelength options, as well as a short reel (3.2 ft / 1 m) and long reel (16.4 ft / 5 m) option.

PN 7021.65: short reel (3.2 ft), 365 nm
PN 7021.95: short reel (3.2 ft), 395 nm
PN 7021.65.5M: long reel (16.4 ft), 365 nm
PN 7021.95.5M: long reel (16.4 ft), 395 nm

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Pre-applied 3M VHB double-sided tape on the back side allows for simple but reliable installation. Peel back the liner and apply to virtually any surface. Architectural-grade adhesive ensures your LED strips stay in place.


realUV™ LED strips include DC plugs on both ends. Simply plug in and connect a 12V power supply - no tools, soldering or frustration!


These LED strips can be cut to length in 1 inch intervals using just a pair of scissors.

Now you can install UV lights to fit any application, regardless of its size or shape.


Conveniently rejoin cut LED segments using our PN 3071 solderless connectors. The connector cable is flexible, so you can also turn corners or change the direction of your LED strip run.



How much UV energy do these strips put out?

The total amount of UV energy emitted is 0.9 watts per foot, and 0.7 watts per foot, for the 395 nm and 365 nm versions, respectively.

This amount of UV energy is comparable to 1.5x-2.0x of the UV emitted by a fluorescent blacklight of corresponding length.

How much visible light is emitted by this product?

The peak and dominant wavelengths of these products is 365 nm and 395 nm. A vast majority of the energy is emitted within a +/- 5 nm range (FWHM = 10 nm).

The wavelength energy emitted below 400 nm is not visible to the naked eye. However, a very small fraction of the energy is also emitted as visible light, with wavelengths longer than 400 nm. For the 365 nm, the visible light appears as a dull, bluish-white light, and the 395 nm, a dark, violet light.

The amount of visible light is typically less than 2-3 lumens per foot (a 4W incandescent night-light bulb typically emits 15-20 lumens).

Please use caution as nearly all of the energy emitted by this product is not visible to the naked eye. Although it may appear to be dim, lots of UV-A energy is nonetheless being emitted. The light that you are able to see only represents a very small fraction of the total energy emitted.

Can these UV LED strips be used for disinfection and sterilization?

The wavelength range of these LED strips is limited to 365 nm or 395 nm (UV-A) only. Most disinfection and sterilization processes require UV-C radiation, which is typically defined as 280 nm and lower. As such, these LED strips are not suited for most disinfection and sterilization applications.

What type of power supply do I need?

This LED strip product requires a DC 12V power supply to operate. For most residential and commercial installations, this means that the AC 120V (North America) or AC 240V (Europe) needs to be converted via a power supply unit.

When choosing a power supply unit, you must ensure that the output voltage matches the LED strip voltage (i.e. DC 12V or DC 24V), and that the power supply capacity is sufficient to operate the length of LED strip.

The power supply capacity needed is determined by the total length of LED strip connected. Each 1 foot section consumes 4.5 watts of power - so, for example, a 10 foot section will consume 45 watts of power, and we would therefore recommend a minimum power capacity of 45 watts.

Typically, however, it is a good idea not to run a power supply at its maximum capacity. We recommend providing an extra 5-15% of "headroom" above the actual LED strip power consumption.

Our realUV power supply plugs directly into the LED strip without the need for assembly, and can power up to 16.4 ft of realUV™ LED strip. For a basic plug-and-play installation, all you need to purchase is the power supply unit.

How do I connect this product to a power supply?

Each reel of LED strip includes DC female plugs pre-mounted on both ends. Simply plug the power supply in, and the LED strip will immediately illuminate.

If using a power supply with wire leads, use an adapter such as PN 7095 to convert the DC plug to wire receptacles.

What is the maximum run length of this product?

The maximum run length is 16.4 ft (one full reel). The maximum run length represents the longest permitted length of LED strip that can be connected as a single consecutive run to a power supply.

If you need to install more than 16.4 ft, you must connect each run separately. You may daisy-chain short reels together (see below).

Can I daisy-chain short reels together?

Yes! You can connect up to 5 short reels together to a single power supply (as long as it has sufficient capacity, which our realUV power supply does), and link the short reels together, in an end-to-end configuration.

You will need an adapter (PN 7096) to join the two DC female cables together.

Can I use these LED strips in wet or outdoor environments? What about coating materials or other encapsulants?

The realUV™ LED strip lights are not waterproof and are for indoor use only. If you plan on implementing your own method of moisture and ingress protection, we recommend taking care to understand the optical properties of the materials you are using, as many plastics will absorb, rather than transmit, the UV energy emitted by the LED strip.

You may want to consider our realUV™ LED flood lights as an alternative, which have a waterproof rating and is suitable for outdoor use.

Do these LED strips require heatsinking?

Because the premium LEDs on this product are under-driven below their rated capacity, these LED strips can be operated without any heatsinking or additional thermal management.

Temperature rise of the LED strips is typically 50 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) over ambient.

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
Matthew Ragen

I'm building a high-performance UV lightbox. Waveform products are working effectively in the design process.

John D.

Very nice lighting, sticks good. My only gripes are the extra cost of the power supply and the fact that these LEDs do get fairly hot. I’m going to need to order the flicker free dimmer to lower the heat output.

Jacob Scott
Nicer than expected

These lights are very high quality and really impressed me. Genuine 365nm LED strip lights are hard to find and these were the absolute perfect addition to my display.


Built a disc charging box using the 365nm and installed a dimmer, you can dim them to barely visible and still "charge" glow discs. Photos show more visible light than in person.

jere myers
Unbelievable performance

Purchased the 365nm UV LED self adhesive strips. Im illuminating a cabinet for flourscent minerals. Using a aluminum carrier to mount under each shelf. Light output is good and coloring rendering is adequate. Will use the same product to design a full cabinet of vaseline glass for my wife.

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