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ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Flexible Strip - 99 CRI - 16 ft / 5 m Reel

ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Flexible Strip - 99 CRI - 16 ft / 5 m Reel

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  • 99 CRI to truly replicate natural daylight - an industry first
  • Available in D50 (5000K) and D65 (6500K)
  • 375 lumens per foot (1250 lumens per meter)
  • Designed around 12V constant voltage input
  • D50 color point / chromaticity meets ISO 3664:2009 requirements
  • Uses PLUG system: female DC barrel jack on both ends for direct connection to FilmGrade power supply, sold separately
  • 4 oz copper circuitry for reduced voltage drop
  • For indoor use only
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  • In stock and ships in 1 business day
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ABSOLUTE SERIES LED strip features 99 CRI - a near perfect achievement in color rendering. With color options of D50 (5000K) and D65 (6500K), simulating natural daylight has never been as real.

Requires 12V DC input to operate. FilmGrade power supply (PN 3091) can operate a full reel (16 ft / 5 m) of ABSOLUTE LED strip.

Using a third-party power supply? No problem - just make sure your power supply has enough power capacity for the length of LED strip you plan on connecting.

ABSOLLUTE™ LED strips use the PLUG system, and have female DC connectors mounted on both ends of the strip. Simply plug the power supply into the LED strip receptacle and you will be up and running in a matter of seconds. No extra assembly or accessories needed.

Need to hard-wire these strips? See our DC plug adapters under PN 7094 and PN 7095.

Pre-applied 3M VHB double-sided tape on the back side allows for simple but reliable installation. Peel back the liner and apply to virtually any surface.

These LED strips can be cut to length in 1.6 inch intervals using just a pair of scissors.

Rejoin LED strip segments or connect them to individual power supplies using our solderless connectors. Use PN 3070 for connecting an LED strip segment to open wire, and PN 3071 to join LED strip segments together.


ABSOLUTE LED strips are fully dimmable down to 0%. For an in-line PWM dimmer, see PN 3081. Wall-dimmer setups (e.g. Lutron/Leviton) will require a dimmable power supply (PN 3093). More info on LED strip dimming here.

Product Overview

Waveform Lighting's ABSOLUTE SERIES™ technology is the LED industry's first LED product to achieve 99 CRI at D50 5000K and D65 6500K. The 99 CRI rating indicates that the emitted light is quantitatively near-identical to natural daylight. This is the holy grail of lighting!

Our LED flexible strip provides 375 lumens of full-spectrum 99 CRI light per foot that is virtually indistinguishable from natural daylight.



Product Downloads

Specification sheet download   Specification Sheet 

Specification sheet download   5000K Photometric Report

Specification sheet download   6500K Photometric Report

Waveform Lighting 100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the performance, color or quality of your product, we'll work with you to make it right.

Simply contact us within 30 calendar days after delivery and we'll send a replacement at no additional charge, or offer you a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
excellent lights

We purchased the 6500K ABSOLUTE SERIES LED strips together with the realUV 365 and 395nm strip lights to provide a naturalistic spectrum for the jumping spiders in our research laboratory. Using dimmers for the UV lights, we were able to simulate a naturalistic spectrum for a large number of spiders in a compact space, which would not have been possible with any other lights I have seen on the market (and I have searched extensively). The lights have much better color rendering and are also much, much brighter than similar but cheaper lights you can purchase elsewhere. Thank you, waveformlighting, for producing such a great and unique product.

FilmGrade™ HYBRID LED Strip Lights

I used the product to tune and achieve different color tempertatures. The LED strip performed great in terms of acheiving different CCT, CIE xy chromaticity, CRI and luminance. Service quality and communication was great.

It would be great if size and weight of batteries and dimmers can be reduced. Two dimmers could be on same pannel to reduce circuit complexity. Thank you!

Great Lighting and Service

Great lighting.
Customer service is great. Very helpful in answering questions and directing to the right product.

Light seems bright and right

So far I have bought one roll of this for a test installation with waveform's dim-able transformer, a Lutron dimmer and a 3 meter Klus Lipod track and translucent cover for an artists studio. It met my expectations from the documentation on the web site and I shall be buying more.

I also had quite a few questions which were all answered promptly, informatively and helpfully.

No dots were visible, the intensity seemed the same from one end of the tape to the other, and there was no hum or flicker from one of the dim range to the other.


The customer service is impeccable. The product exceeds my expectations. One happy customer here :)

Great Product

Beautiful, exceptional daylight spectrum. Absolutely necessary for proper viewing of artwork and anything involving the evaluation of color.

Wonderful product

Very beautiful light! Technically perfect for my professional photographic purposes: evaluating professional prints and tests! I truly recommend it!


It was hard not to make that joke, but indeed those LEDs amazed me. I was looking for a replacement for very high CRI D50 fluorescent tubes, specifically tailored for photography, and I was very excited when I came across this product. I ordered 2 reels, and appart some customs problems (during which I had the full support of the waveform team), my package came in perfect shape, harm-free. I put them to the test and I wasn't disappointed, they're truly stunning.
The diode density is tight and allow a neat diffusion of light.
The 3M adhesive is top quality, pretty strong and reliable. It doesn't affect negatively the thermal dissipation, and it will hold the heat.
There were not a single diode showing any sign of weakness nor default.
The soldering job is clean and strong, and the plug system made the installation very comfortable.
The brightness is powerful, and yes, the colors are extremely detailed under the lights : even if the light appear like a neutral/cold white looking at the source, you can appreciate the high CRI when looking at your hand, which will have its nice warm color, with the full palette of tones. The color depth of the reds is just wonderful, and also the difficult violet : tested on a picture of a morning, cloudy sky, you get with high precision the subtle transition of the purple, foggy sky, to reddish blue, to deep blue sky...The kind of subtlety I was looking for, the kind you can only get at this level of quality. Thus they truly deserve the name.
Impressive product, and many thanks.

Absolute Series LED put to the test

When I found out these 5000k CRI 99 lights conform to ISO 3664:2009, I was immediately interested. We ordered a 16 foot tape and a power supply. I assembled a test strip of (3) four foot strips of the LEDs on a silver reflector. When we hung it over our ink consoles in the press room, we were impressed with the light. ISO 3664 needs a specific lux level for proper viewing. We were able to achieve this level with the 3 strips of Absolute Series. Our pressmen spend a lot of time color matching press sheets to contract proofs made of many different substrates, and these lights are great for critical evaluation. Also, customer service at Waveform was top notch. I was able to change my order before it shipped without any trouble.