Ultra High 95 CRI LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential - 16ft/5m Reel
Ultra High 95 CRI LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential - 16ft/5m Reel
Ultra High 95 CRI LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential - 16ft/5m Reel
Ultra High 95 CRI LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential - 16ft/5m Reel
Ultra High 95 CRI LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential - 16ft/5m Reel
Ultra High 95 CRI LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential - 16ft/5m Reel
Ultra High 95 CRI LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential - 16ft/5m Reel
Ultra High 95 CRI LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential - 16ft/5m Reel
Ultra High 95 CRI LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential - 16ft/5m Reel
Ultra High 95 CRI LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential - 16ft/5m Reel
Ultra High 95 CRI LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential - 16ft/5m Reel
Ultra High 95 CRI LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential - 16ft/5m Reel

Ultra High 95 CRI LED Strip Lights for Home & Residential - 16ft/5m Reel


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  • Available in 2700K or 3000K (see here for higher CCT)
  • High CRI: Ra > 95, R9 > 90
  • 12V or 24V DC constant voltage input
  • Packaged as a 16-ft reel (5 meters), cuttable using scissors every 1 inch (12V) or 2 inches (24V)
  • Cut segments can be linked together using solderless connectors
  • 5.5 watts per foot power consumption (17 watts per meter)
  • 450 lumens per foot light output (1500 lumens per meter)
  • Premium quality, long-lasting 3M VHB double-sided adhesive with peel-off backing for easy and secure mounting
  • Uses WIRE system: 16 AWG wire leads on both ends of LED strip reel
  • Cut segments can be connected to power using solderless strip-to-wire connectors
  • 4 oz PCB copper thickness for reduced voltage drop
  • High density 120 LED per meter layout to eliminate "dark spots" between LED emitters
  • 25,000 hours lifetime, 3 year warranty
  • Free standard shipping to USA addresses
  • In stock and ships in 1 business day
  • See our delivery policy here

 Being energy efficient doesn't mean compromising on color quality. Recreate the same, warm environment as incandescent and halogen lighting with 2700K and 3000K color at 95 CRI. Colors appear natural and vivid even under warm and relaxing light.

Requires 12V or 24V DC input to operate. FilmGrade power supply (PN 3091/PN 3092) can operate a full reel (16 ft / 5 m) of this LED strip.

Using a third-party power supply? No problem - just make sure your power supply has enough power capacity for the length of LED strip you plan on connecting.

These LED strips use the WIRE system, and have 16 AWG cable mounted on both ends of the strip. Connect the wires to hard-wired power supplies and controllers and dimmers like our DMX decoder (PN 3082).

Need to connect them to PLUG system power supplies and accessories? See our DC plug adapters under PN 7094 and PN 7095 and instructions here.

Pre-applied 3M VHB double-sided tape on the back side allows for simple but reliable installation. Peel back the liner and apply to virtually any surface.

These LED strips can be cut to length in 1 inch (12V) or 2 inch (24V) intervals using just a pair of scissors.

Rejoin LED strip segments or connect them to individual power supplies using our solderless connectors. Use PN 3070 for connecting an LED strip segment to open wire, and PN 3071 to join LED strip segments together. 

These LED strips are fully dimmable down to 0%. For an in-line PWM dimmer, see PN 3081. Wall-dimmer setups (e.g. Lutron/Leviton) will require a dimmable power supply (PN 3093). More info on LED strip dimming here.


Product Overview

Waveform Lighting's ultra high CRI technology is now available for your home in a flexible LED strip form factor. Our LED strips are available in 2700K and 3000K, both with 95 CRI and R9 > 90.

Our LED strips are perfect for use in under cabinet lighting, cove lighting, kitchens, work bench or home office, where color accuracy and rendition are important to you and your family.

Product Downloads

Specification sheet download   12V Specification Sheet 

Specification sheet download   24V Specification Sheet 

Specification sheet download   2700K Photometric Report

Specification sheet download   3000K Photometric Report

Waveform Lighting 100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the performance, color or quality of your product, we'll work with you to make it right.

Simply contact us within 30 calendar days after delivery and we'll send a replacement at no additional charge, or offer you a full refund.






Customer Reviews

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Excellent Quality

Very high quality strips with high quality 3m adhesive. Will be ordering more soon to complete an above and under cabinet setup. The high CRI really makes these very desirable for a high end kitchen lighting setup.

3000K Strip Lights are the best!

I purchased several reels of 3000K strip lights to illuminate the ceiling of my home in Spain. The lighting quality of these strip lights is gorgeous, nothing like the chip strip lights you can get at a place like Home Depot or Lowes, or on Amazon. The high CRI of these LEDs is readily apparent, with perfect rendition of colors. The brightness is awesome, and the dimming is totally smooth. Don't go for cheaper versions. It's worth the investment in high quality lighting.

Absolutely amazing customer service

So excited to get my LED strip lights. Everything was perfect. The strip did a beautiful job lighting above my kitchen cupboards adding more light to the room. job Loved the follow up customer service after I received my product. I had ordered extra items by accident and Waveform was happy to send me a return form. Will definitely continue to purchase from them and will highly recommend to friends and family.

Good color

Nice quality and excellent color that brings out accurate true colors of skin and flowers.

Bright, white light, the right temperature too

Goods arrived fast. Easy to install (we recycled an old 12v laptop computer power supply that had enough amps). Waveform site had good instructions for calculating power reqs. The under-counter light strip illuminates a counter that also has a 75w halogen flood shining on it and I was worried about color quality and temperature match. But there was no need to worry, the color rendering and color temp both are about as well matched as one could get. I especially like how there are power plugs soldiered onto each end of the 5m strip. For the cut ends, the Strip-to-Strip (PN 2071) connectors, cut in half worked very nicely. Now we just need to hide the power supply in the cabinet to complete the job.

Perfect for our studio

Needed to upgrade the lighting for a space we've turned into an artist studio in our new (to us) house. These strips are mounted in a tray along the perimeter of the space. Color rendering was critical, as was the color temperature so the ambient light would match the track lighting with direct task illumination. Received very helpful advice from the sales staff to ensure I was getting what I needed...no less, no more. Since the room is large, we need bright, even light that is efficient enough to allow sufficient overhead on the circuit to accomodate other lights, etc.

The end result is a beautiful, even light around the perimeter of the space. No more funky fluorescents with buzzing and horrible colors. The entire system is easy to use, especially the interconnects, which helped us with the corners, etc. We were able to trim the strips to fit and have enough leftover for another project!

Finally! LED strips a lightgeek can love!

Yesterday I got two reels of these LEDs delivered...hooked then up to the power supply and they came on....thrill #1... But as my wife will attest, when they came on I literally said “Wow!” no less than four times and actually laughed out loud more than once (laughing out loud is what I do when I am so happy or excited that I just can’t help it!) The wow factor came from their brightness! For the first time ever I saw LED light strips that were as bright or even brighter in terms of intensity then what I was expecting. It was such an incredible pleasure to see that level of brightness because I knew that what I had to work with was more than adequate. The laughing out loud came when I focussed on the color of the light. Clean, warm, accurate, and friendly. Something I had never seen before in the various LED strips I’ve bought and tested. Finally… Something that actually looked good! Yesterday was a great day in the history of lighting at our house!

Update: Now, 5 months after installing under our counters, I could not be happier with these LED strips...both lumens and color. Also, the FilmGrade dimmer is fantastic! Thanks for your products and your expertise!

LED Light Strip

Fantastic product. Highly recommend to anyone looking to up grade or install new light strips. Customer service is amazing too.

Finally! Amazing lights.

I have tried for a very long time to find high quality LED strips for our kitchen to match our 3000K/92CRI overhead LEDs (CSL) and all the other brands were greenish/bluish, or just pure ugly - even when advertised as 3000K. Finding these and seeing the spectrum spec sheets convinced me to try them even though they are more expensive than your "typical" strip lighting. The results BLEW ME AWAY: beautiful color and very well matched to the existing overheads very natural skin tones (and appetizing food colors). I'm so happy to finally have discovered Waveform Lighting for my high quality lighting needs.

Love 'em.

Buying again


i love lights

a CRI 95 strip light is a sight to behold