Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK
Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK
Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK
Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK
Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK
Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK
Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK

Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip - 5 PACK

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  • Aluminum channels provide a rigid mounting surface, light diffusion and mechanical & dust ingress protection for Waveform Lighting LED flex strips.
  • Fits all single-color LED flex strips manufactured by Waveform Lighting (10 mm width)
  • Channel length of 3.3 ft (1 meter)
  • Includes high light transmission diffuser cover to eliminate "dots" and dark spots created by individual LED emitters
  • High quality aluminum provides additional heatsinking and mechanical protection for even longer LED strip longevity
  • Additional mounting accessories included
  • Available as a FLAT or CORNER channel
  • Solderless connectors (PN 3071/3070) do NOT fit inside the channel. For a seamless installation, we recommend directly soldering wires.
  • Pack of 5 (total 16.5 ft / 5 meters)

Use the CORNER CHANNEL for LED strip installations in wall corners or where a diagonal light distribution is desired. The FLAT CHANNEL offers the lowest profile and can be used for ceiling-mount and suspended installations or under cabinet lighting.


Installation Accessories

Each 5-Pack includes:

  • 5x aluminum channels, 3.3 ft each
  • 5x end caps (with hole for wires)
  • 5x end caps (no hole)
  • 10x mounting brackets
  • 10x screws



Compatible With

Please note: solderless connectors (PN 3071/3070) do NOT fit inside the channel. For a seamless installation, we recommend directly soldering wires.


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Nickolas Xiros II

I recent repurchased the 5 pack Aluminum Channel for LED Flex Strip because the quality of this product is outstanding. I work in the TV & film industry and need the best quality products to to my job when it comes to Lighting. As for delivery, I received my order in a matter of days not weeks which is also important to me. Thanks Waveform Lighting you’re simply the best.
Niko X

Christopher Henry
Finally… perfect LED strip lighting

These lights are great! The real deal. Perfect color clarity. A variety of color warmth options. I love the aluminum channels which make everything look polished and eliminate them drooping 6 years from now. And they are perfectly dimmable.

Craig Morrison
Surprisingly easy installation

Great product and easy to work with / install. I used the flat channels for two 8 foot strips of the Centric Home LED Strip Lights on either side of a beam for indirect lighting in a large room. I had to shorten one channel, as I was laying down 8 foot sections, but that was easy work with a hacksaw. The channels were very easy to line up and the LED's were easy to lay in the channel. The opaque covers are stronger than they appear, as I had to give them a pretty good bump to seat them. The channels mated up close enough that you cannot tell that there are 3 channels lined up in each direction, and the clips hold the channels solidly and close to the surface. I will be doing a similar setup in another room.

Nick Chopra
Worked Well

Purchased channels to overhang a whiteboard, and the result turned out very nice.

Nigel Marcussen
Great products!

Very nice quality light, and the modular nature of this product is fantastic. Strip + aluminum track makes for very cost effective hidden strip/cove lighting. The clip-on connectors are great, although note that they don’t fit within the aluminum track.

john rowles
VQI Lighting

Excellent service

T. Severson
Great service, nice products

Excellent customer service! After a shipping box opened in transit and part of my order was lost, they worked hard to expedite a replacement order with rush shipping at no extra cost, and kept my project on schedule. Great communication and follow-up from sales. The aluminum flat channels are nice. Very thin and lightweight, but sturdy. Fits the light strips perfectly, but have to solder connections to use the included end caps as their clip-on connectors won't fit. The diffusers work well.

Tyler Nicholas
Great products!

Great company to work with. They are communicative during the whole purchasing process and all of their products are as they say they are. Been using the flat channel and the angled channel with their 95 cri 3000k tape and 4500 tape with much success. Powered by their power supplies and even using their dimmers. Solderless connections are exceptional aside from the ends not fully fitting in the flat channel. Would recommend to others and have been recommending to others.

Greg Munger

A few points that may be obvious to everyone else. You must use a channel! The strip light glue is not removable. If you don't use a channel you have to throw it away to move it. Also the mounting brackets are a huge help in making this work.
The channel was the hardest part of my install since it wasn't hidden in my orientation so every gap is visible. Putting two of them together is hard. I cut the channel to use the connectors but that was hard as well. Installing the channels well is the difference between a good and bad install.
Last point: the brackets lift the channel above the surface. When I realized this I recessed (using a chisel) the brackets so the channel would be flush with the surface. The first one I put down doesn't do this, maybe someday I'll fix it :(
The diffusion works pretty well, I used the flat ones not corner. Mine point up, pointing down might be more of a problem.

Scott Laird
Simple and sturdy

Just what I was looking for.