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ColorSpace™ RGB Color Changing LED Strip Lights

ColorSpace™ RGB Color Changing LED Strip Lights

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  • LED strip light with red, green & blue channels
  • Ultra high brightness at 96W per reel
  • 36 LEDs per foot (120 LEDs per meter) - double the standard density to eliminate dark & hot spots
  • Extremely tight 2.5 nm wavelength bins to ensure absolute color consistency within and between LED strip reels
  • 4 oz PCB for reduced voltage drop
  • Packaged in a 16.4 ft reel (5 meters)
  • Ultra-thin LED strip width (0.31 in / 8 mm) improved versatility and flexibility
  • Premium quality, long-lasting 3M VHB double-sided adhesive with peel-off backing for easy and secure mounting


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Customer Reviews

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Duke Park
Great Product

Very high quality and long lasting

C Whitmire
ColorSpace RGB LED Strips - 48 Fountain Express Cruiser

I have used this High Density LED Strip in conjunction with a T1212 Extruded Silicone "NEON" Tube for custom lighting on my boat. The density of the LED's on the strip (3 led's per inch) is perfect for creating a true "NEON" tube appearance under any ambient lighting condition. However, due to this density, it requires 96 watts (6 watts/foot) @ 12 vdc to realize full capability of the strip (5 meters, 16.4 feet). This is clearly stated in the specifications. I used an amplifier for proper power supply to each Channel (color led). I also used a voltage regulator to limit the maximum allowable voltage (to all channels giving White Light) of 11.3 vdc as not to exceed the 185 degree F maximum operating temperature of the led chip. The actual stabilized operating temp is 168 degrees @ 11.3 vdc and 70 degrees Ambient. For individual channels or all combinations other than white, operating temp is not an issue with up to 13.8 vdc which is typical of most automotive charging systems.
I am extremely happy with the performance of this LED Strip. The terminals are delicate, as expected, due to the size constraints. I highly recommend using 18 gauge wire for long runs from the Controller/Amplifier to the Stirp. I also highly recommend landing each side of the Strip to the Controller/Amplifier to eliminate degradation of led performance due to voltage drop across the Strip. This is especially critical for Full 5 Meter sections (96 watts) or links of sections. However, when making the strip terminal connections (I used soldered connections), you must use a 22 gauge patch section from the strip to the 18 gauge long run, stabilized with encapsulated ends. This construction will provide a stain relief to the delicate strip terminals. If this is done correctly, the strip performs flawlessly.
I am purchasing more of these strips for the interior of my boat as well as my Condominium. They are relatively expensive compared to other advertised LED Strips on the market, but you definitely get what you pay for. Also, if you are looking for a true LED "NEON" Light effect, these are the only strips (12 vdc) on the market (I could find) that give a continuous linear light as true NEON does.
The attached photographs are of approximately 32 linear feet of ColorSpace LED Strip inside T1212 Extruded Silicone "NEON" Flex Tubing on my boat. The (4) individual Strips are powered by (2) Controllers and (4) Amplifiers with both sides of each strip landed to the appropriate amplifier terminal. I can match the color to any event or sports team. I can also have White Light for dinning, cleaning, or maintenance.