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Lux24™ Circadian LED Bulb - 2400K 95 CRI E26 A19 LED Filament Bulb
Lux24™ Circadian LED Bulb - 2400K 95 CRI E26 A19 LED Filament Bulb
Lux24™ Circadian LED Bulb - 2400K 95 CRI E26 A19 LED Filament Bulb
Lux24™ Circadian LED Bulb - 2400K 95 CRI E26 A19 LED Filament Bulb

Lux24™ Circadian LED Bulb - 2400K 95 CRI E26 A19 LED Filament Bulb

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  • Optimized spectrum for reduced circadian impact and melanopsin response (learn more)
  • 450 lumens - equivalent brightness to a 40W incandescent bulb
  • Color temperature of 2400K, 95 CRI
  • M/P ratio of 0.39 for limited circadian impact
  • A19/E26 shape fits in virtually any standard light bulb socket
  • Compatible with 120 volts AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Dimmable - works with wall dimmers
  • 5 watt power consumption
  • Suitable for use in enclosed fixtures and damp locations

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Customer Reviews

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Happy with the lights!

We got a new light fixture installed in our living room. I wanted the least impactful lights to our circadian rhythm, with a low flicker rate, warm in color, etc. Found these as a recommendation from the founder of GembaRed's blog. Very happy with how they look and function!

Great night lighting

I live in the country where there isn't much light pollution at night. So regular light bulbs are very noticeable in the evenings when turned on, and suddenly the natural feel of the landscape turns into electric harshness. These Circadian bulbs feel very warm and welcoming in comparison and I don't mind turning on the lamps in the evenings with them. They are easy on the eyes and senses when up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom even when surrounded by country dark. I'm glad I ordered a pack of them instead of just one so I could use them throughout my place.

Beautiful Tint

This tint is gorgeous and relaxing. I want to put them everywhere.

Excellent Light

I recently acquired two 40W-equivalent 2400K 95 CRI E26 A19 'filament' LED bulbs from Waveform. My goal was to reproduce something like the light output of early 20th century incandescents. I am using these bulbs in a beautiful old medium size two-socket slag glass lamp. The effect is everything I hoped to achieve. The light output looks great, especially near sunset.. The effect is far better than what I achieved with standard LEDs. I could not be more pleased with the product.


Beautiful vintage filament style, performs well at dim levels to produce a natural glow. I use these in the living room and bedroom since they are a warmer lower light. The color and light quality are exceptional.

Great solution for peaceful night time lights

Purchased this bulb to try out and compare to other warmer color bulbs advertised as low/zero blue light circadian rhythm protection solutions. I tried the Soraa Healthy and this bulb specifically. Soraas Healthy zero-blue bulb has a big UV spike in their spectrum and small flicker percentage. Soraa has a warm color indeed but you can definitely feel that "purplish" color being emitted. After trying out both, I preferred the LUX24 Circadian bulb by Waveform Lighting since it does have a very warm color that makes the room feel cozy and calm. Quality of light lives up to the 95 CRI spec. I also noticed it has almost no flicker. One suggestion to make this an even better product would be to make it flicker-free and figure out a way to completely remove the blue-light from the spectrum. Highly recommend this bulb for night time as I have not found anything better than this in the market for biohackers trying to keep a "normal" lighting solution in their house without sacrificing health as much.

Lightning expert

I found this lights, to be in a class by themselves.

Very warm and pleasant

Very pure light with no noticeable flicker. Note that the 2400K version is quite a bit warmer than standard incandescents. It will bring out orange/red tones in brown wood.

Very good photometric results and lovely tint

I took measurements with a spectrometer and get these results:
CCT: 2342K
DUV: -0.0032
CRI (Ra): 96.0
R9: 81.9
Rf: 93
Rg: 102
Blue Peak: 0.23

Normally at this warm of a color temperature, everything looks yellowish. However, because of the negative DUV, which brings the tint below the black body locus towards pink/red it actually doesn't make things look yellowish. In comparison, I bought a 2200K 98+ CRI from Amazon and it had slightly better CRI and R values but because it had a DUV of +0.0028, everything looked nasty yellow. I couldn't use it anywhere.

My test results also shows this LED emits very little blue light, maybe just a tad bit more than an incandescent, which is real good for LED emitters. This means it will have minimal disruption to melatonin production and perfect for sleep.

This light is better than the Soraa series bulb because of the negative DUV. Soraa has a neutral DUV, which is not bad but not my preference. Also Soraa bulbs measure higher violet wavelength peak, which I'm not sure is healthy because violet is higher energy than blue.

This bulb is also better than the GE Relax bulbs because the GE Relax has a positive DUV making things look yellowish.

Waveform should make a brighter version of this bulb.

Cozy warm glow

Colors look rich and natural in this light. Dims nicely without looking gray. Would like a frosted bulb option to be available as the LED “filaments” cast some patterns inside the fixture’s shade, but it is a minor issue for me. I am very satisfied with the quality of the light, having none of that greenish color that comes from most LEDs and CFLs.