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realUV™ LED Flood Light
realUV™ LED Flood Light
realUV™ LED Flood Light
realUV™ LED Flood Light
realUV™ LED Flood Light
realUV™ LED Flood Light
realUV™ LED Flood Light
realUV™ LED Flood Light
realUV™ LED Flood Light
realUV™ LED Flood Light
realUV™ LED Flood Light
realUV™ LED Flood Light
realUV™ LED Flood Light
realUV™ LED Flood Light
realUV™ LED Flood Light

realUV™ LED Flood Light

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  • LED flood light with UV-A (365 nm or 395 nm) light emission
  • This is the real deal! This is not a nUV (405 nm), violet (420 nm) or purple (red+blue) LED light that is often falsely marketed as "ultraviolet."
  • 365 and 395 nm true UV LEDs provide high levels of UV power for all of your UV-A and blacklighting needs.
  • Power Consumption: 20W
  • IP65 rating for wet location use
  • 365 nm version UV energy output: 8W (40% efficiency)
  • 395 nm version UV energy output: 6W (30% efficiency)
  • Input: 120-240V AC
  • Plugs directly into standard 3-prong AC wall outlets
  • In stock - see shipping times here

New to UV LED blacklights? Read our introductory guide here.

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realUV™ LED Flood Lights emit true ultraviolet-A light. Both 365 nm and 395 nm wavelength options are available. By purchasing quality UV lights with exact wavelength specifications, you can be assured you are getting true ultraviolet light.

Unsure which wavelength option is best for you? Read our guide posted here.

Product Downloads

Specification sheet download   Specification Sheet 

Specification sheet download   395 nm Photometric Report*

Specification sheet download   365 nm Photometric Report*

Specification sheet download   UV Irradiance Pattern


*Test reports are at the bare LED die level and do not include fixture inefficiency losses (~10%).

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Simply contact us within 30 calendar days after delivery and we'll send a replacement at no additional charge, or offer you a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Awesome product

Light works very well and is packaged properly. I use it for exposing photoemulsion for silkscreening and it gives very consistent results.
Only thing that would improve it is a simple on/off switch.

Very Strong Compact UV Light

Puts out a very strong UV light in the stated range (365), no purple glow at all, just pure UV light. The fluorescently painted object I was illuminating was ~ 11 ft away and illuminated nicely. Solidly made. No on-off switch but I purchased an inexpensive remote controlled outlet which worked perfectly as my light was on a ledge above reach.
Would highly recommend this light.

Excellent Quality

Extremely pleased, very high quality.
Thank you

Very well built and long lasting

Installed these lights for use with Florescent penetrant inspection and work very well. they do not get hot and start up instantly. increased production and longevity of equipement.

Great UV coverage

Used this for a 20x20 space with great UV coverage, wide beam angle was more than enough UV with excellent results. Much more powerful than I expected. Only down side is there is no on /off switch, light is always on when plugged in.

Exceptional product & service

I needed some UV lighting for a yard art project but had very little knowledge about what to get. That’s when I found Waveform Lighting. They don’t just sell lighting but provide educational literature that a novice (like me) can understand. After reviewing the information I was able to make an educated decision on the product that best fit my requirement.
Placed an order and product was promptly shipped and received in a very timely manner. Will definitely use again for any future needs and would certainly recommend to everyone.
Hope to send some photos when the project is completed.
Thanks Waveform. BB

great product, fast shipping,

will order again in the future, and have already recommended it to my friends. thanks so much

Great lights

We have 4 of these lights great quality. Great UV output, 365nm verified with our photometer.

Excellent Light!

I mistakenly posted a review from lights I had bought from another site. These lights were the ones I replaced those with, and these work PERFECTLY!!!

395 nm lamp

Device was well constructed and works as described. Would buy again.