NorthLux™ 95 CRI E26 A19 LED Bulb for Art & Studio

NorthLux™ 95 CRI E26 A19 LED Bulb for Art & Studio

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  • Color temperature of 6500K or 5000K to replicate north-facing light
  • High CRI: 95 (Ra), R9 > 80
  • Compatible with 90 - 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Conveniently screws into any standard E26 Edison socket
  • 10 Watt power consumption
  • 800+ lumens - equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb
  • Not Dimmable
  • 25,000 hours lifetime, 3 year warranty
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Product Overview

When working on artwork, consistent lighting conditions are extremely important for accurate color perception. 

NorthLux™ products by Waveform Lighting replicate the consistency and quality of light coming in through a north-facing window. With a 95 CRI rating, colors and hues will appear just as they do under natural daylight, giving you the confidence to work on your projects at night or where supplemental lighting is necessary.

Recommended Use

The A19 form factor is compatible with virtually all lamps and fixtures designed around for a traditional light bulb. With a power consumption of only 10W, heat emission is very minimal.


Product Downloads

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Specification sheet download  Photometric Report

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Simply contact us within 30 calendar days after delivery and we'll send a replacement at no additional charge, or offer you a full refund.

Customer Reviews

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NorthLux 95 CRI E26 A19 LED Bulb for Art & Studio, 5000K

Great bulb. I can see differences in reds that I can't see with other bulbs. Can't see subtle differences in whites, but maybe this is because I got the 5000K. Specifically, I can't see the difference between two wool fibers I use, one is bright white and the other is just slightly off-white. Currently, I can only see the difference in daylight.

Be a light

This the waveform lighting Northlux A19 LED bulb for art and studio has made very calming profound effect on my work.
We tell our students to go out into the world and "be a light!" As an aging teacher student artist scientist, having the
right light helps us to continue living the way what we tell others to do.
These light bulbs really do make a positive difference on our consciousness, perception and ability to appreciate life.
Thank you.

Great bulbs!

After installing the new bulbs, the quality of light was immediately apparent. Colors in my work are rendered crisp and pure. I'm so happy to be working in much better light! Looking forward to purchasing more.

Aquarium use

I'm very pleased with the output and color rendition of these led bulbs, I put this led bulb on my Red devil cichlids aquarium as a test to see what these bulbs look like and I have to say they look way better than the Zoo Med 98 cri fluorescent tubes I was using, everything looks so natural and the colors are spot on, in the future I would like to try the absolute series led striplights on all my show tanks that I have on my youtube channel, check out the video I made of the aquarium with this new led bulb installed on it.

How to check if it works as advertised

I try to use your video with slow motion and coin , but it is not clear as shown on video

High quality bulbs and great service

My 6 bulbs arrived well-packaged in a timely manner. I will be using these in my basement painting studio.

Happy customer

The light bulb was just what I needed to be able to see my canvases better when I paint. Thank you.

Great lights

I bought 3 t5 led tubes for my painting studio. I used a link was provided to buyT5 fluorescent fixtures which work with there led tubes. I like accuracy of color in night. I was disappointed because I needed 4 tubes, but they had just 3. You can see in 1st picture , where I used 2 different light tubes, different between 2 lights.

Great color

Much better appreciation of color in the room I use the lights.

What a difference!!!!

Perfect in every way, crisp colors, no heat from the bulb and the price is right. Thanks for making a great product and excellent customer service as well.