Collection: NorthLux Art & Painting Lighting Products

NorthLux LED lamps by Waveform Lighting have a strict color specification of 6500K and 95 CRI, with R9 > 80.

6500K ensures that the color balance matches that of light coming in from a north-facing window. Why is this important? Different lighting conditions can alter your color perception, making it difficult to work on the same art piece at different times. By keeping your light quality constant, stop worrying about whether your colors match, and focus on your creative energy.

95 CRI indicates that the color rendition also matches that of natural daylight. R9 > 80 indicates that red colors in particular, are rendered excellently.

NorthLux lamps are currently available in the following form factors:

  •  A19: Standard incandescent bulb replacement, Edison base
  • BR30: 120 degree flood lamp, replaces R30 and PAR30 lamps, Edison base
  • T8: Replaces standard 1-inch diameter fluorescent tubes
  • T5: Replaces high output 5/8-inch diameter fluorescent tubes