Assembly Instructions For LED Modules

Accessories Needed

Waveform Lighting's LED modules operate on DC 24V. To connect these to mains power from a wall outlet (e.g. AC 120V), you will need additional accessories to ensure electrical compatibility.

Electrical connections are made via WAGO 2060 terminal blocks located on both ends of the module. These terminal blocks accept solid or stranded wire with 18-24 AWG thickness. Most DC power supplies utilize DC barrel jacks, which are not directly compatible with these terminal blocks. We recommend using a DC jack-to-wire adapter.

Below are the accessories needed, along with links to our product pages where you can purchase everything you need from our store.

1) DC 24V constant voltage power supply with sufficient power capacity.

(Link: FilmGrade 24V DC Power Supply, sufficient for 14 modules of ABSOLUTE SERIES Linear Module, maximum 10 modules per daisy-chain)


If using FilmGrade 24V DC Power Supply or similar power supply with DC barrel jack, you will need an adapter. See below for two options: 2A or 2B.

2A) Female DC jack-to-wire (pigtail) adapter

(Link: Female DC Barrel Jack to Pigtail Wire Cable, wire ends need to be stripped 0.28-0.35 in (7-9 mm) for best fit into WAGO 2060 terminal block receptacle)


2B) Female DC jack plug adapter + 18-24 AWG wire

(Link: Female DC Barrel Jack Plug Adapter, wire ends need to be stripped 0.28-0.35 in (7-9 mm) for best fit into WAGO 2060 terminal block receptacle)


3) Clamp release tool (or screwdriver) for WAGO 2060 terminal block to insert and release wires from WAGO 2060 terminal block.

Small-head philips/flathead screwdrivers can be used instead, but is not recommended as it can cause damage to the terminal block.

(Link: WAGO 206-860 Clamp Release Actuator Tool)

4) For mounting, M3 screws or thermally resistant double-sided tape

5) [OPTIONAL] For daisy-chaining, if connecting more than 1 module: 18-24 AWG wire or WAGO 2060-901 Board-to-Board Link.

WAGO 2060-901 is best suited for a gap-less extension of multiple modules, but does not allow for any change of direction.

(Link: WAGO 2060-901 Board-to-Board Link)

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Specification sheet download   Download Instructions as PDF 

Step 1: Find the wire-end of the DC power input (pigtail connector cable or wire leads from power supply), and strip the insulation approximately 0.28-0.35 in (7-9 mm).

Step 2: While pressing down on the terminal block clamp using the dedicated clamp release tool (recommended) or a screwdriver, insert the open wire into the receptacle. Each terminal block is marked (+) and (-); these need to match the polarity of the power cable, typically marked red (+) and black (-).

Step 3: Repeat the same for the other wire. You may need to split the red and black wires further if their insulation jackets are joined.

Step 5: Gently tug on the wires to ensure that the wires have been securely inserted and clamped.

Step 6: Plug the DC power plug in. The module should now illuminate. Ensure that the input power is 24V DC and that the polarity is correct. Insufficient voltage will result in no or low illumination, while exceeding 24V DC may result in damage to the LEDs.