realUV™ LED Strip Lights
realUV™ LED Strip Lights
realUV™ LED Strip Lights
realUV™ LED Strip Lights
realUV™ LED Strip Lights
realUV™ LED Strip Lights

realUV™ LED Strip Lights


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395 nm 16 ft reels out of stock - ships April 15
  • Flexible LED strip with 120 ultraviolet LEDs per meter
  • This is the real deal! This is not a nUV (405 nm), violet (420 nm) or purple (red+blue) LED strip that is often falsely marketed as "ultraviolet."
  • 365 and 395 nm true UV LEDs provide high levels of UV power for all of your UV lighting needs.
  • Available as a 3.2 ft (1 meter) or 16.4 ft (5 meter) reel
  • Requires DC 12V power supply to operate, sold separately
  • Power Consumption: 4.5 Watts per foot (14.4 Watts per meter) @ 12V
  • UV Output @ 395 nm: 0.9 Watts per foot (2.8 Watts per meter)
  • UV Output @ 365 nm: 0.7 Watts per foot (2.1 Watts per meter)
  • 3.2 ft reel provides UV light output equivalent to 15-20W fluorescent blacklights
  • 3.2 ft reel illuminates 200-300 sqft for basic fluorescence effects
  • 1.2A current draw per 3.2 ft (1 meter) @ 12V
  • 3M VHB adhesive backing - simply peel off and stick to virtually any surface
  • Radiometric Efficiency: 22% (395 nm), 15% (365 nm)
  • FWHM: 10 nm
  • In stock - see shipping times here

New to UV LED lighting? Read our introductory guide here.

realUV™ LED Strip Lights emit true ultraviolet-A light. Both 365 nm and 395 nm wavelength options are available. By purchasing quality UV lights with exact wavelength specifications, you can be assured you are getting true ultraviolet light.

Unsure which wavelength option is best for you? Read our guide posted here.

Requires DC 12V input to operate. Separately sold FilmGrade™ power supply (PN 3091) can operate a full reel (16 ft / 5 m) of realUV LED strip.

Using a third-party power supply? No problem - just make sure your power supply has enough power capacity for the length of LED strip you plan on connecting.

realUV™ LED strips use the PLUG system, and have female DC connectors mounted on both ends of the strip. Simply plug the FilmGrade™ power supply plug into the LED strip plug receptacle and you will be up and running in a matter of seconds. No extra assembly or accessories needed.

Using your own power supply and need to hard-wire these strips? See our DC plug adapters under PN 7094 and PN 7095.

Pre-applied 3M VHB double-sided tape on the back side allows for simple but reliable installation. Peel back the liner and apply to virtually any surface.

These LED strips can be cut to length in 1 inch intervals using just a pair of scissors.

Rejoin LED strip segments or connect them to individual power supplies using our solderless connectors. Use PN 3070 for connecting an LED strip segment to open wire, and PN 3071 to join LED strip segments together.

realUV LED strips are fully dimmable down to 0%. For an in-line PWM dimmer, see PN 3081. Wall-dimmer setups (e.g. Lutron/Leviton) will require a dimmable power supply (PN 3093). More info on LED strip dimming here.

Product Downloads

Specification sheet download   Specification Sheet 

Specification sheet download   395 nm Photometric Report

Specification sheet download   365 nm Photometric Report

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Exceeded my expectations

I ordered a 1 meter strip of the 365nm LEDs for a prototype printing exposure box. Delivery was VERY prompt and the LEDS work perfectly in my application. Initial tests on my target chemistry have turned out well. The self-adhesive tape holds securely and soldering jumpers between strips was a snap. Will definitely use more of this product in the future.

No comparison

The realUV LED lights at 365nm are fantastic to show off our uranium glass collection. Florescent tubes pale in comparison. Staff was helpful in answering questions.

Better than what I got from Alibaba

I got some LED strip lights from Waveform and some from Alibaba, to compare. My smart phone light meter showed the Waveform strip was putting out twice the lumens.

Director technical marketing

working as planned in my setup, thank you.
Got exactly output in term of spectral UV emission.

5 stars

Everything is alright. I must appreciate very fast response even over many time zones.

5 stars for UV output 365 nm

For a fluorescent mineral collection .. very high UV vs Vis