Ultra High 95 CRI A19 5W LED Filament Bulb for Home & Residential
Ultra High 95 CRI A19 5W LED Filament Bulb for Home & Residential
Ultra High 95 CRI A19 5W LED Filament Bulb for Home & Residential
Ultra High 95 CRI A19 5W LED Filament Bulb for Home & Residential
Ultra High 95 CRI A19 5W LED Filament Bulb for Home & Residential

Ultra High 95 CRI A19 5W LED Filament Bulb for Home & Residential

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  • Available in 2700K, 3000K (see here for 2400K)
  • 95 CRI light quality (Learn More)
  • 450 lumens (40 watt incandescent bulb equivalent)
  • Compatible with 120 volts AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Conveniently screws into any standard E26 Edison socket
  • 5 watt power consumption
  • Dimmable - works with wall dimmers
  • 15,000 hours lifetime, 3 year warranty
  • Suitable for use in enclosed fixtures and damp locations

Product Overview

Do you love the look of the classic incandescent bulb? But hate what it does to your utility bill? 

Waveform Lighting's got you covered! Our A19 filament LED bulb uses a new style of filament LED technology, which emits light in the same angles and intensities as a traditional incandescent bulb, but using much less energy.

We took this a step further, and designed the bulb around a 95+ CRI rating, which means that the light quality is virtually indistinguishable from a traditional incandescent bulb.

The result? Not only does our bulb look like an incandescent bulb - the light quality, distribution and intensity matches exactly what you would get from incandescent bulb.

A19 Ultra High 95 CRI Filament Bulb

Product Downloads

Specification sheet download   Specification Sheet 

Specification sheet download   2400K Photometric Report

Specification sheet download   2700K Photometric Report

Specification sheet download   3000K Photometric Report

Waveform Lighting 100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the performance, color or quality of your product, we'll work with you to make it right.

Simply contact us within 30 calendar days after delivery and we'll send a replacement at no additional charge, or offer you a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Works great with Caseta

Got fed up with my HomeKit + Hue light setup not responding and generally being unreliable. The best replacement seemed to be Lutron Caseta paired with high CRI bulbs. I can confirm that these bulbs work well with Caseta dimmers.
I’ve found two minor issues. First, while the bulbs can output light at extremely low dimmer values, they won’t turn on if initially set there. Second, the filament design of the bulb casts a slight shadow in some light fixtures.

Working great so far

No jittering, works as advertised.


Great color accuracy. Bright, stable, and reliable light.

Perfect Light

These bulbs are perfect for my powder room. Great color, dimmable. I won't use any others now.

Looks great out of the box

Seems great so far, time will tell on the 3 year warranty

Jeremy Woodoff
3000K 5-watt filament bulbs

I bought five of these bulbs for an Art Deco fixture with custard glass shades. The filaments aren't visible because of the shades, but I wanted a 40 watt bulb, since there are five sockets. As it's used in the kitchen, I decided on 3000 instead of 2700 K. The light quality is beautiful; I'm very pleased.

Great for coffee shop!

Bought this light bulbs because I wanted a warm tone and bring a calm and relax environmente to a coffee shop I will just about to open.
Work great! At night, it calms down people for some chit chat. Also, during the day, it helps people take photos en videos of the shop and products, resulting in a much better quality

David S
Really nice LEDs

These are the best dimmable A-type LEDs I've found. I prefer 3,000 Kelvin color temperature, and with the high CRI, the quality of light on these is fantastic. They look nice when they're off too, with the clear exterior and filament style. I've had good luck with dimmability as well, having them work well with plug in dimmers and wall dimmer switches (both specified for LEDs). The only downside is that they seem to start to flicker more the lower you dim them, although I don't notice any flicker when they're on all the way. Also, if flicker is your priority, Waveform has other lamps specifically designed to minimize that.

Roger G
Different color than other Waveform products

These bulbs have a green tinge to them that I found quite unpleasant. The green was quite visible in a side-by-side test with the CENTRIC HOME bulbs at the same color temperature.

I would love if Waveform made lower lumen and dimmable bulbs that were the same color as the centric bulbs, but these are not it.

I was able to return the bulbs in exchange for the Centric bulbs, so I'm quite happy overall, but can't recommend these bulbs.

Logan V
Working Well inside Fixture

These lights came very well packaged and working well with a Lutron maestro dimmer. It is highly dimmable and I've not experienced flickering. Please note that these are safe to use inside an enclosure but other waveform lights which might be brighter are not rated for enclosure usage. I do video and graphics design and although I do not have a formal way to test the CRI rating I have not noted altered skin tones under these lights.