Avian Full Spectrum E26 A19 LED Bulb for Birds
Avian Full Spectrum E26 A19 LED Bulb for Birds
Avian Full Spectrum E26 A19 LED Bulb for Birds

Avian Full Spectrum E26 A19 LED Bulb for Birds

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  • Color temperature of 6500K
  • High CRI: 95 (Ra), R9 > 80
  • Flicker free operation (0% flicker)
  • Compatible with 90 - 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Conveniently screws into any standard E26 Edison socket
  • 10 Watt power consumption
  • 800 lumens - equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb
  • Not Dimmable
  • 25,000 hours lifetime, 3 year warranty
  • No UV radiation
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Product Overview

Waveform Lighting's avian full spectrum bulb emits flicker-free, 95 CRI full spectrum light that replicates natural daylight at the spectral level. Give your avian friends the much needed light that they need to thrive with our simple A19 E26 screw-in lamp that can be used in virtually any standard bulb fixture.

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Customer Reviews

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For my birds

Only bulbs I use now in my bird room.

Avian Bulbs - doesn’t last like stated

Purchased due to needed more lighting for two macaws. Purchased a 6 pack and used in a lamp fixture that uses five. Use 8-10 hrs a day mostly , Lights don’t last, one by one they’re flickering off and on. Customer service at a local home improvement store mention bulb is bad when it does what I’ve mentioned if it’s LED. Purchased in May 2020. The cost is outrageous for a product that doesn’t last. But, I’m okay with it, cause other companies that sell full spectrum don’t last either. Also, all avian species need UVA and UVB along with full spectrum, light bulbs don’t have it all. Need to mention in description that these lights are only full spectrum and doesn’t have UVA/UVB in it with the full spectrum. But, I see it was manufactured outside of USA , could that be reason for poor quality of bulbs. Seems like I need Avian products and the price is 3X’s more if I said I needed for a cat or a dog. I probably buy again in near future, looking at other options right now. I need a reliable product for what I paid for and expect it to last like the description states how long it will last.

Just what I needed.

The Avian bulbs are exactly what I needed. I can put them into my normal lamps and hanging swags with no problems. This makes it much easier to place lights in positions that actually work for the birds and me!

racing pigeon loft lighting

I have racing pigeons and I breed inside of a building. The lights from waveform have made a huge difference in my birds and there youngsters. They look much healthier. It also has effected me in a good way. It makes me feel better for the birds emotionally knowing I am a good caretaker.


Bird loves them!

Very pleased with these bulbs. The bird spends more time on his play top, and colors are looking good. I have a white-capped pionus parrot, and all the subtle colors on his wings are really standing out. He seems to love it, more active. Of course he's still not very friendly, but he is a baby dinosaur. In the middle of renovation on one room and once that's done I plan to get more. Highly recommend.


The lights work very well and are supplying my 🦜's with full spectrum lighting equivalent to sunlight.


These bulbs have no uva or uvb rays that birds need!! Beware

Nice bright lights

I previously used Featherbrite lights for my parrots, but now they require two bulbs to get the full spectrum. I found these bulbs and decided to give them a try. When I put the new bulbs in, I could see a difference immediately. They are so bright and the birds really seem to enjoy them. I even like them on gloomy days they brighten the whole room. Definitely a good find,

Avian lights

I saw a positive change in my birds when I started using these. Less outbursts. One of my conure feather picks, and this behavior has reduced after changing to these lights.


Exactly what I needed for my African grey parrot. So very bright it's incredible! Have always used Ott lights in the past, which I still use throughout the house. These bulbs are being used in a more specific area my bird is at. I'm using them in a ceiling fixture and thought she might be nervous of the change. She isn't she is quite happy and it makes me happy she is getting the right kind of light for her health and we'll being. Everyone comments how bright the room is now. They are a little spend so I am hopeful they will last.