CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free A19 10W LED Bulb
CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free A19 10W LED Bulb
CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free A19 10W LED Bulb

CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free A19 10W LED Bulb

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  • Available in 4000K, 5000K or 6500K
  • Completely flicker-free light output (Learn More)
  • Full spectrum, 95 CRI light quality (Learn More)
  • Compatible with global voltage input (AC90-240V/50-60Hz)
  • Conveniently screws into any standard E26 or E27 Edison socket
  • Not suitable for enclosed fixtures
  • 10 Watt power consumption
  • 800 lumens - equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb
  • Not Dimmable
  • 25,000 hours lifetime, 3 year warranty
  • Free ground shipping to USA addresses
  • In stock, see our delivery policy here

Product Overview

Waveform Lighting's CENTRIC™ line of LED bulbs provides lighting that centers around you. CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ LED bulbs provides light output that is free of optical flicker and a full spectrum color that approximates that of natural daylight. If you are looking for more natural daylight but are limited by geography, season or window placement, these bulbs will give you light that is both healthy and energizing.

Flicker-free light output means that the rays of light emitted by the bulb are constant and uninterrupted, so you can rest assured knowing that the negative health effects such as headaches, fatigue and eye strain - previously associated with artificial lighting such as fluorescent lights and early LED bulbs - are eliminated.

With a 4000K/5000K/6500K 95 CRI rating and a high R9 of 80+, the light spectrum emitted by CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ bulbs is a full and complete spectrum that provides bright, white light that matches morning sunshine (4000K), noon sunlight (5000K) or noon daylight (6500K).


Product Downloads

Specification sheet download   Specification Sheet 

Specification sheet download   4000K Photometric Report

Specification sheet download   5000K Photometric Report

Specification sheet download   6500K Photometric Report

Waveform Lighting 100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the performance, color or quality of your product, we'll work with you to make it right.

Simply contact us within 30 calendar days after delivery and we'll send a replacement at no additional charge, or offer you a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
As promised -- Nice Quality Light

Purchased CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ Full Spectrum Flicker-Free A19 10W LED Bulb. Pleased. When I'm on video calls, the lighting is now more true-to-life. I don't perceive any flicker -- nice steady light.

Waveform, kindly, sent this part of my order sooner since the other lights I requested were on back-order. I appreciated the engineer who answered my questions by email, in advance. His comments helped me figure out what lights are likely to fit my need.

Works very well

While it is difficult for an end customer to verify how effective the lights are, from my research it does appear to be probably the best lights to buy for mood therapy. I got the 5000K ones and they are whiter than I expected. I’d recommend 4000K if you want warmer lights. Many household bulbs are actually 2700K which is very yellow

Great light bulbs

They worked exactly like I wanted them to. Highly recommended.

The search is over.

By far, the best 4000k light bulb I've found. I chose 4000k, because I wanted something that wasn't too warm or too cool. Before getting these, I got many different 4000k lights from many manufacturers (all claiming either 90+ or 95+ CRI) and I've always found them to be too cool with a greenish tint. Not these. THESE were the ones I was looking for--accurate color temperature with no tint! Glad I've discovered Waveform; I'll be buying my lights from them from now on. If there was one thing I wish they had, it would be to have more dimmable options for their products. If this light was dimmable, it would the perfect light bulb. Nevertheless, I still stand by my statement: these are the best 4000k light bulbs in the market.

No more seizures.

My daughter started having seizures at 9 months of age 2 months after I switched our house to GE refresh LED HD bulbs, daylight 5000k . I didn't immediately realize that the bulbs were causing the seizures. The seizures went on once or twice a month for about 6 months. We had her checked by several doctors and they didn't find anything wrong or pinpoint the cause. I would sometimes notice that when I move a frying pan across the kitchen, the shiny rim of the pan would leave a dotted trail in my eyes indicating that the bulbs were flickering or strobing. The flicker wasn't as bad as some LED's but definetley more than the incandescent bulbs I had before. So then one day, shortly after another seizure, it finally got to me that the LED flicker might be causing my daughters seizures. I also started remembering articles that I stumbled on years prior that talk about how it is well documented in medicine that early flickering fluorescent bulbs caused seizures in some people, especially children. It was my flickering LED's. Upon realizing this I immediately switched back to incandescent bulbs and sure enough her seizures stopped. However we didn't like the yellow low color temperatures light of the incandescent bulbs. The daylight bulbs really made us feel more energetic so I realized I need to find some good quality flicker free LED bulbs. I found Waveform lighting via a Google search and ordered their centric daylight 5000k flicker free LED bulbs. Its been 6 months since I installed them and we didn't have any more seizures, thank you waveform lighting. The bulbs really do have zero flicker and you feel much better in their light. Also aside from being flicker free, these bulbs are also a very hi CRI or really good spectral quality. I Compared these bulbs to various LED's including the latest Cree bulbs and when compared side by side, the Waveform bulb clearly shows colors better and especially skin tones. I think these are the best LED bulbs in existence.

This helps with eye fatigue.

I while back I learned my 43" LG monitor used PWM to dim. I was wondering my I felt like tearing my eyes out after staring at the screen for a couple hours. I never experienced that with my iMac. After switching my monitor to something flicker free the symptoms got better, but I still felt eye fatigue from working in my office. I used my phone to capture slow mo video of my overhead LED tube lighting and discovered they flickered as well. So anywhere I spend hours, I've switched to flicker free lighting and my eyes have thanked me for it. I wish waveform had overhead tube lights that are flicker free as well!

What a wonderful change these bulbs have made.

I immediately saw the difference when I put the new bulbs in to my lamps. I am an artist and it is great to work with such imporved lighting. Thanks for educating me about what to look for when choosing lighting for my art work and for having the products I need.

Helps Office Migraines

I am an electrical engineer and work on computers a lot. I was getting semi-constant migraines, sometimes ones that would even last into the weekend. Often a sensitivity to light would come with them. I unscrewed the fluorescent bulbs above my cube, added cubeshields, bought lamps, and bought these bulbs. The light coming from them is GREAT! My eye strain is almost completely gone. I recommended them to a friend, who is using them in his house. He says they are great as well.

Great bulb.

Use the 4000K in my desk lamp...it's a very nice color temperature. May try the 3000K to compare, but so far this is the best lighting I've been able to find. The flicker-free feature makes this worth the cost!

Best LED Bulb I've Found

I'm a die-hard halogen fan who is generally dismissive of LED technology. This bias is based on years of searching for, purchasing, then ultimately discarding various LED lights from various manufacturers. Even "high CRI" lights have proven unacceptable when compared side by side with a halogen PAR or A19, or with daylight.

I purchased these lights with skepticism, but decided to give them a try, based on the company's in-depth photometric reports and flicker-free operation (a MUST have characteristic). Waveform Lighting provides in-depth specifications and test results; far beyond any other manufacturer I have yet seen. Their website demonstrates that they are aware of what is required for quality lighting and of color science.

Upon actually trying them, I was pleasantly surprised. When compared side by side with a competitor's high CRI light of identical color temperature, the Centric clearly rendered colors more accurately and vividly, especially reds. No green cast, no sickly look from poor red rendering. Skin tones are flattering, and red and oranges look as they should. The difference is significant.

While LED technology currently still cannot totally match the spectrum of tungsten or daylight, these bulbs are the best I've found and are the first I've found that I consider truly usable, even for photography or videography. They also have the advantage of available higher color temperatures not possible with tungsten.

I would encourage Waveform to develop a flicker-free version of their T8 tubes. That would be the final say in fluorescent replacement as far as I'm concerned. I, like many people, develop migraines even with the higher flicker frequencies of electronic ballasts (when using LEDs). Flicker and the resulting health problems are larger issues for me than color rendering. Having a flicker-free high CRI (and R9 T8) tube would be spectacular.