Full Spectrum E26 A19 LED Bulb
Full Spectrum E26 A19 LED Bulb
Full Spectrum E26 A19 LED Bulb

Full Spectrum E26 A19 LED Bulb

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  • Color temperature of 6500K or 4000K
  • High CRI: 95 (Ra), R9 > 80
  • Compatible with 90 - 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Conveniently screws into any standard E26 Edison socket
  • Not for use in enclosed fixtures
  • 10 Watt power consumption
  • 800 lumens - equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb
  • Not Dimmable
  • 25,000 hours lifetime, 3 year warranty
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Product Overview

Bring the sun indoors! Waveform Lighting's full spectrum technology replicates natural daylight at the spectral level. With 95 CRI and a daylight color temperature of 6500K or 4000K, this lamp emits light that truly simulates natural daylight.

Waveform Lighting 100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the performance, color or quality of your product, we'll work with you to make it right.

Simply contact us within 30 calendar days after delivery and we'll send a replacement at no additional charge, or offer you a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I bought this full spectrum light bulb for my daughter after reading the info on your waveform web site. Her bedroom is temporarily in a basement with no windows so it is pretty dark and certainly no sunshine. I thought she would benefit from having full spectrum lighting, to help with the winter (or lack of sun) blues.
Having this bulb in her bedroom seems to have made a real difference her mood.
I think it simulates real sunlight with it's natural color. Not too cool, not too warm.
So... I am going to order two of these bulbs for me for my office and for an area that lights up both the kitchen and living room. With winter coming on I don't expect to see much of the sun and I think this will help an awful lot. I will probably order one for my other daughter as well.

Great product for workshop

Ordered this bulb to match the 6500k T8 led lights I also purchased. Have this for use in a drill press to replace an incandescent bulb. Provides plenty of light needed to clearly see fine details. Stays cool. Color temperature is perfect match to the T8 tubes.

Great product for home office lighting.

These 6500K bulbs are great in my home office for the natural daylight and good color rendering.

Overall experience

I was pleasantly surprised at the care taken in packaging as well as the site information and navigation.
Therefore I believe I purchased the right light got the right application.

Great Bulb

I only ordered one bulb to make sure I was going to like it. Once I received the bulb and tried it I didn’t like it much but I knew I should give it a fair chance. Now I can say I’m glad I gave it a chance. I really do like the light that it puts off and I will be replacing every bulb in my house eventually!!

Was a happy customer till I moved and took the bulbs with me and they no longer work.

I bought these bulbs not even 4 months ago and loved them. We just finished our move which was only a little over a mile away and when I took my bulbs and put them back in not one of them worked. I am very unhappy with how much I spent on these to now have 8 dead bulbs. I have read nothing about not being able to move them after putting them in a light fixture and had them wrapped and safe beside me on our move so I know I didn't damage them. Especially for all 8 of them to not work any longer. So I wouldn't recommend anyone getting these if you plan on moving within the 3 or 4 year life span they are supposed to have. Very unhappy customer.

Teresa, I am so sorry to hear about the bulb failures. The bulbs are covered under warranty and I will be reaching out to you to arrange for replacement bulbs to be sent your way. Sincerely, JB 10/17/2018