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FilmGrade™ DMX LED Dimmer & Decoder with 5 Channel Output

FilmGrade™ DMX LED Dimmer & Decoder with 5 Channel Output

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  • 5 channels of fully adjustable PWM output
  • 12-24V DC input / output, 40 Amps (input) / 8 Amps (output, per channel)
  • Black anodized aluminum enclosure with dimensions of 6.46 x 2.87 x 1.50 in
  • DMX-512 & RDM compatible
  • DMX signal input via XLR 5-pin, RJ45, or wire leads; daisy chain capable
  • PWM frequency adjustable between 500 Hz and 30 kHz
  • PWM resolution settable to 8-bit or 16-bit
  • PWM gamma value adjustable between 0.1 and 9.9
  • For indoor use only

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Product Overview

FilmGrade™ DMX LED Dimmer / Decoder is a professional DMX-512 decoder that boasts the best dimming performance in the industry. The decoder takes a low-voltage DC power source input (12-24V DC) and produces 5 separate channels of high-frequency flicker-free PWM output to control LED brightness level. The output signal is controlled via DMX-512 with a wide range of interface compatibility, or using the control interface directly on the unit.

The unit has an unprecedented level of PWM control and capability:

PWM Frequency is adjustable and can be set anywhere between 500 Hz (industry standard) through 30 kHz. High PWM frequency ensures that light output for use in all video and photography applications results in completely flicker-free images.

PWM Resolution can be set at either 8-bit (industry standard) or 16-bit. 16-bit PWM provides more than 250x the dimming level precision vs 8-bit PWM. Increased PWM resolution results in smaller dimming steps, which provides smoother dimming and eliminates “jumps” between brightness levels, particularly when near 0% brightness.

PWM Gamma Value can be adjusted between 0.1 to 9.9, giving you full control over the dimming curve. Don’t like how brightness ramps up too quickly in the beginning but “plateaus” past 60%? Simply increase the gamma value to achieve a flatter dimming curve.

This product is capable of providing up to 40 Amps of power (8 Amps per channel), and is the perfect complement to FilmGrade™ FiveSpect™ 5-in-1 LED strips.

FilmGrade DMX Decoder 30 kHz 16-bitFilmGrade DMX Decoder 30 kHz 16-bitFilmGrade DMX Decoder 30 kHz 16-bitFilmGrade DMX Decoder 30 kHz 16-bitFilmGrade DMX Decoder 30 kHz 16-bitFilmGrade DMX Decoder 30 kHz 16-bit

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Specification sheet download   Specification Sheet and User Manual

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Customer Reviews

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Will this work if I just hardwire the DMZ 512 from the power supply instead of the female connector?

Ewo Lam
DMX decoder

This unit seems to support 2 white and 3 RGB LED strips. Can it drive 3 or more single colour strips at the same time? I am looking for a unit that can control 3 single colour strips individually on the same fixture.

Jeffrey Schryver
Delving into real UV

I am creating an installation for fine art b/w photography exhibit that uses both 5000k light for print viewing and 365nm UV to light fluorescent pigments in the background frame of the prints. Waveform has provided solutions found nowhere else. The DMX flicker free dimmers control both lamp sets. The UV flood has been unbelievably helpful in developing the fluorescent inks and their deposition on Yaki Sugo charred ceder backdrops. The project exists only because of the products and support I have received from Waveform. Truly inspirational.
Jeffrey Edwin Schryver, Functional Art R&D at Illume Nation LLC

Saurabh Dhande
good product

it was a very good product

Very good LEDs

Ordered the D50 and D65 Absolute series. Tested the color temperature and CRI. CCT was spot on; CRI showed as 98.6 (close to the 99 CRI advertised). Not bad!