CENTRIC SERIES™ Flicker-Free Dimmable Power Supply for LED Strip

CENTRIC SERIES™ Flicker-Free Dimmable Power Supply for LED Strip

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  • 100 - 277 V AC input, compatible with phase-cut wall dimmers, including incandescent (forward phase), electronic low voltage (ELV / reverse phase), and magnetic low voltage dimmers
  • Flicker-free light output
  • 24V DC constant voltage output, with reduced brightness level corresponding to input dimming signal from wall-dimmer
  • 96W power output (meets Class 2 rating)
  • UL Listed (E508692)
  • Input: Live (Black), Neutral (White), Ground (Green), 18 AWG wires
  • Output: V+ (Red), V- (Black), 16 AWG wires
  • Dimmable to 0% for most dimmer models (see below for complete list)
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This product should be connected to a wall-dimmer, following the connection diagrams below. Click here to see a list of compatible TRIAC wall dimmers.


Wiring Diagram for One Power Supply

Wiring Diagram for Multiple Power Supplies

Product Overview

Waveform Lighting's power supply unit connects Ultra High CRI LED strips to mains power and features phase-dimmer compatibility so that LED strip lights can be controlled via a traditional wall-dimmer. Compatible with global input voltages (100 - 240V AC, 50-60Hz) and connects up to 16 feet (5 meters) of Ultra High CRI White LED strip.

We've further incorporated our signature CENTRIC SERIES™ flicker-free technology to ensure your spaces are free of invisible but harmful flicker.

This product has also been tested with "smart home" systems such as Lutron Caseta. Read more here.

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Simply contact us within 30 calendar days after delivery and we'll send a replacement at no additional charge, or offer you a full refund.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Chad Barnes
Excellent power supply

This power supply took care of an eye fatigue problem I had with other power supply brands.

Mike Mike
Great Product

I keep coming back. You make a great product. You wont regret using the LED tape.

CENTRIC HOME™ LED Strip Lights worked out perfectly as custom length under and over counter lighting

CENTRIC HOME™ LED Strip Lights worked out perfectly as custom length under and over counter lighting.
I did do my own soldering to make connections between separate aluminum channel diffusers. used lutron dimmers and the TRIAC Dimmable Power Supply for LED Strip.

Michael Kleppinger
Excellent Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting

I'm very pleased with my purchase of the 3000K LED strip, dimmable flicker-free power supply, and aluminum channel with diffuser.

The quality of light is excellent and the dimming range with my Lutron Diva wall dimmer is incredible. I can go from night light to very bright working light. I located the strips about two inches from the front of the cabinets and they direct good illumination onto the countertops and provide a surprisingly even illumination on the tile backsplash. It's a beautiful effect.

The only negative comment I have is USPS misplaced one of my shipments. After a week+ wait, Waveform sent a replacement part via 2-day shipping. The resulting two week delay in completing my project was quite inconvenient. The final result though looks perfect and exceeds my expectations. Thank you.

Jacob Fisher

We recently replaced some old fluorescent indirect light fixtures with LED tape, but I was unaware that most LED drivers have a high-frequency flicker. It's not visible to the naked eye, but produces a stroboscopic effect (especially when dimmed). After a few weeks of headaches, eye fatigue, and regretting my decision I decided to do some research to see if there were any drivers on the market that wouldn't flicker. I found this one, installed it, and promptly returned the other drivers to replace them with these. I'm relieved, and our lights look great.

David Morgan
Excellent customer service

I am a residential contractor purchasing LED products for new and remodel homes under construction. As a new customer of Waveform I was very impressed with the level of customer service provided to include a review of my on line purchase to insure compatibility of all products and correct quantities. The sales questions saved me time and money by avoiding returns and reorders. Very Rare in this market to get on line service like that not to mention the great product line offered by Waveform.
Many Thanks!


No flicker to naked eye or video in hispeed.
No hum/ noise

Marcin Romaszewicz
Finally, zero flicker from LED strips

I'm very sensitive to flicker, and Waveform's TRIAC power supply gave me headaches and made me see the strobe effect when things moved. I replaced it with this power supply, and it's wonderful! There is zero flicker and any light level, and it works perfectly with my Lutron phase cut dimmer.

I can't recommend this product highly enough. I've suffered with flicker for years, and this is the very first efficient lighting setup that's dimmable and which doesn't flicker. Only incandescent bulbs worked as well for me, at many times the power usage.

Waveform Magic - Flicker Problem Solved

I heartily recommend this product. I am using existing wiring and a wall switch dimmer for a length of white LED strip light. I had tried two different types of power sources from another manufacturer and in both cases I suffered with line current-related 120Hz flicker – as in visible jitteriness when objects under the light are in motion and as indicated by dark bands in a smartphone camera viewer. Results were the same with either a dimmer switch or a standard on/off switch. I was fortunate to get in touch with Josh at Waveform Lighting and I became aware of how unusual it is to find a wall switch dimmable power supply that does not pass along flicker. Then I installed Waveform’s Centric Series Flicker-Free Dimmable Power Supply and the results are perfect. No more visible or smartphone-indicated flicker. Just good solid pleasing light with wide range of smooth dimming. Thanks Josh and all the good folks at Waveform!